Wednesday, January 31, 2007

staying away

generally i don't want to disturb people. at least don't want to do that. thats why don't knock/call/contact any person with out any reason. but again, in professional life i can't stop talking with any person to whom i always have to contact for work. i understand that person don't like me (i never harm him/her or any one, don't know why), but i don't have any choice.

Monday, January 29, 2007

people misunderstands

people misunderstand me. i found they can say whatever they want. afer their 100 words if i say 1 word they catch that. and again start blaming on me on that word. they just forget what they had said, and now what are they saying. just want to heart me. i found how caring they are for me…. 

Saturday, January 27, 2007

i don't now how can i save them

I have 2 plants in my office desk, from last 2 years. In these years these plants grew and i feel very good when i look at it. I take care of them as much as possible. Give water, dig mud, give tea leaf as fertilizer, and clean their leaves, keep outside every weekend to give sunlight. But don't know why, from last few days its new leaves becoming yellow from bottom part of it. i don’t know why this is happening. Today i put them in baranda to give them direct sunlight. Let’s see. Feeling bad for them.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Taken 2 major decisions in 2 days

Whenever i fall in any problem, i try to solve it in cool head. Unless i come to a solution i can't feel good.
So for some reason (which was killing my mind) i had to make my mind to accept it. Then i found it is very strong decision that I can't sleep. My heart was only crying and crying.
Then i had to take another decision. Which make me feel better and happier. Now i can concentrate on my works.
In both decisions i have accepted to loose some of my favourite/main aspects of my life. It is better not to dishearten everyday, rather then i accept the situation. I hope this will make me and my surroundings better environment.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

importance, from where?

How much importance should i get? From whom? Generally if i don't get expected importance from a person, it disheartens me.
So always try to keep 0% expectation from any body. But don't know how, in my mind, may be i always want some importance.
Coz when i see people who think about me and come to me in their bad times, then they forget about me in their happy times. it hearts. Trying to take it easy. I shouldn't expect anything from anyone. But don't know, may be my absent mind wants a lot.....

Sunday, January 21, 2007

waiting for my future relation

generally people don't get chance to live alone after getting engaged. but my life became little different, i have plenty of time to think, stay, watch and wait for my future relationship. some times i think, this is good. so that mentally i have enough time to understand that person, can prepare to manage, to adjust with that family. and also giving that person enough time to think about me (if he want). may be he will feeling bore with me, then? no matter what i feel, i have to let him go where ever he wants.
its true, in your life, life partners are not only the smartest, greatest person. in the rest of the world. you will meet other exciting person also in your life. but you have to keep commitment with honesty with your life met.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

taken food in restaurant

 for couple of days, i wanted take some good food in restaurant. i was thinking, is there anyone left who told that they will give treat but still didn't? hmm, finaly my restaurant day came.
today one of my colleague offered thai soup in abacus. good! i enjoyed. after that i offered ice cream. that was also great!! :)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

may be new kind of virus

get cold. nose is blocked. i think this is new kind virus. coz i am feeling some is burning inside my nose. had to keep open my lips all times to breath.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

feeling little fever

yesterday, i was feeling little sick, but needed to go out. i had lots of things pending for this weekend. first went to arambag, then dhanmondi, then gulshan, then home, then shamoli and finally came back to home at 9pm.
today was also our office holiday, but we got an urgent project so had to come to office. now get cold, feeling fever. but i have many things to complete. so this month, no time to relax....

Friday, January 12, 2007

just say it

generally i don't do anything without thinking. and no body just make me do thinks of his/her choice. when any one tell me anything, i always think about it first, if i think it is right then follow other wise forget it.
don't know why some time i loose control on my self, just say something which i don't want to say.... recently it is happening very frequently, am i loosing control on my self?

like i have decided this year i wont go to any invitation. but few day ago, in the car i offered to visit one's house then all go there... i don't know how it just came from my mouth.

i have also decided that this year i wont ask any one to give me treat... but just few hours ago i asked on to give a treat. don't know how, i just say.....

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

organizing organizing organizing work

to do list, which is inside my mind, is getting bigger and bigger. now situation is in my dream i also keep planning, facing problem with my tasks. and offcourse feel bad when i found, still, lots of things to do.

now thinking... how i will organize all of my work? which one will come in first priority....
there are all kinds of work
free lance job,

don't now, may be work load making me little bit slow. may be if i had less things to do, then i might do it faster. may be...

anyway lets face, whatever come infront of me, no problem, i can handle anything. i believe. already promised a dead line for a personal project, where couldn't do anything in last few days. may be not even today. from next day will go for that at home. may i have to go to office in week ends too..... work work and more work in organized way....

Monday, January 8, 2007

angry, why?

some times i feel some persons arround are getting angry with me. why? don't know. i am staying very normal. lets see how long they go with this attitude... let be normal as usual.. lets see....

people should speak up, why this disapointment. off course in a gentle way :)

i am really afraid of anger. if i see any person in anger, don't know why my heart makes a big distance with that person...

Sunday, January 7, 2007

copied all post from 360

today i have completed copying all post from previous english blog.

Game to learn: how to fail with smile

Today, in the office we play a game. The main thing is in that game is who ever fail, will say "YES!!" then start again. So, that whenever in our life we fail that shouldn't make us feel unhappy and stopped. We should say "YES!!" and start again and try to win.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Entry for September 06, 2005

Today I secceded to create pages by using Novell tools. Thats reliefe!

Textile Industry

From today again I start work with the project on Textile industry. My and my co-workers task is to go through some ducemtation first. If u have any experience work with any textile industry please reply me

view blog status in bar diagram

This is "somewhere in ... " blog's post status in bar diagram. Here in the pic I have shown total post status untill now and this week post status (from sunday to now). light blue is total post bar and pink is current post status. bellow r the bloggers name. How is it?

volvo bus - Uttora service

recently I try to ride on volvo bus from Uttora to Motijheel. I brough tickets and wait. then wait, wait and wait. I can't see any volvo bus and waited for 30 minutes. then I return ticket and buy another bus's ticket. there were many people who were waiting and face the same problem. If volvo service goes like this way then I don't know how much profit they have targeted.

cng auto rickshaw bill

Now a day, dishonesty is the proud credit for Bangladeshi. No matter who u r, always try to find a way to income with dishonesty. Am I wrong? may be.........

today I took a cng auto richshaw to go to office and he demand 10 taka more, no matter how much bill will come in the mitre. I don't have other way to go to office, so I had to take that cng. Then I found within 2 second mitre the miter claiming 5taka. "thats not fair".. I told to the cng driver, and he keep quite. after that, mitre autometically come down. Then the driver took to the road where we have to face more traffic signals. generelly I paid 42-50 taka to the cng. today I pay 63 taka.

work management in hortal

I believe all business man knows how Hortal effect to their business. So, everybody wants to remove this term from Bangladeshi politics. Don't know how.

Now a day at least rickshaw is available all time in hortal. So employees can come to work place by rickshaw. if it is far away then can change it twice.

And if any one thinks that is very time consuming or risky (?) then he/she might stay in other colleagues house/friend/hotel (employer will pay) near office. That could be also fun time and then join the office at hortal days.

Norwegian food lafsa

I tried to find the pic of that food in net but failed, anyway today Arild treat us with Norwegian food Lafsa. First its look likes crispy biscuit. After keep it in boiled water for 15/20 minutes covered by plastic or towel, it become soft then we eat it by butter and sugar and cinnamon (daruchini). WOW so delicious. In Bangladesh we also take rooty by covering butter and sugar. Thanks Arild .


Yesterday, I have visited softexpo at 7pm. I thought there must be a queue at the entrance but that wasn’t there and I was looking for the ticket counter. Guard said “no need”. Venue was covered by light (may be inspired by SAARC) and inside it is well organized. Many people were there but that was not too crowed. That’s very good for visiting stalls and listen their comments. I was interested on accounting software’s. I think 60% stall has accounting software. And all of them declare their software is much better than tally. The accounting software “Troyi” really impressed me (or the distributor could convince me) that they have very rich reporting system which Tally doesn’t (as I heard earlier that tally is very much popular for its rich reporting system). I found the animation software much more improved than previous year. And another most focus software was bangle software’s. I believe this softexpo will be very helpful for general people, companies (who need software) as well as developers (where they can meet and see each others work).

my own responsibility

how long should I go to complete my responsibility? Recently we launch a web site (its not my project) still running it's testing periodand. this should be updated every day. at least the main news always should be the current news. yesterday I found that main news is too old. its the softexpo news which has been finished day before yesterday. so I updated the news and that take my 4 hours of my working hour (searching, editing, image uploading, publishing etc). but this is not my job. will my company realise that I only thought for the site not for own work!

lunch at efes

every month we all from office go out and take lunch together. here, every one pays their own bill. u can say this is our monthly get together. well, in the pic u can only see me. this picture had been taken yesterday (this month's get together). we were at efes in gulshan1.

Alice in the wonderland

today in the office we watch "Alice in the wonderland", animation film for 15 minutes. I really enjoy the film. I wish I could see more. I think, as we r going to see it in every week, we can see it for 45 minutes once in week.

How much a programmer should help to other programmer.

How much a programmer generally help to other programmer? Depends. I found some people who only give url like, some people only give hints verbally, not details (some times this is enough). Some programmers sometime write code for other programmer only to help them. Some take home to show other personally how to do it. I respect them. May be because I am feeling that I need someone like them now.

Helping journalists

By doing journalism? Well, not like that. Whatever I’m doing is searching more news online, searching images regarding the news, updating images and publishing news online. Hey I should be paid for my mini journalism,too.

get cold

I got cold for 2 days. The thing that amazes me is whenever I dishearten or get angry, blood come out with cough. Is it normal?

problem with pricing

I am facing terrible problem with one of my buyer. let me explain it. I have created a dynamic web site for one of my buyer and that time I offer him that he can buy domain and hosting through me or can bye himself. then he chose to bought through me and pay me the bill. after one year, I again knock him that his domain and hosting is going to expire, and tell him, he can renew through me or can renew himself. Again he told me to do it for him. so I did it (means already pay for his renewal). Now he is telling my I’v asked too much, it is costly!!

Oh no, now what to do? why didn’t he tell be before I expend? now what will I do???

Whenever anyone does anything for me

Do you like coffee? How do you like to get it? Making by you? Or u like it if anyone else makes it for u? Well, I like the last one. Today my colleague come office in late. He was very much sorry for that coz I had to stand infront of the door (he had the keys). Then he made a mug of coffee for me. Yeah, I like it. Whenever anyone does anything for me I really like it. Why doesn’t he come every day late!!

conflict between two of ur colleague

When you found, two of your colleague are fighting physically, you can enjoy it like wrestling. Until it become too serious. And when cold war starts it’s really difficult to handle. Both will want you to their side and you can’t do that. Coz, you don’t like to dishearten any one.

To handle this you have stay quite until the problem solves by it self. If you want to solve it by taking some initiative, then 2 things can happen

1. U will make the total think worst.

2. Both of ur colleague will forget their war between them, and you will become both of their enemy.

Let’s think positive, all will be happy and appreciate u, you have 2% chance of it among 100%.

winter in our office

winter really came in our office. our bosses (Nordic people) took winter vacation and went to Norway, some of our colleague take winter vacation with Christmas leave, some part time colleagues are coming less etc. So now a day, office is very silent, cold.

Why so less faith?

Generally I found that people like me, when they talk with me, see my work etc. But some times I don’t know why, some people just start trying to make me fall in bad situation. I really don’t know why these make them so happy….

What they do…. they start mixing with all person who like me, and start making bad comments, bad fun on me. I really surprise to see that they (who are making bad comments) change their (who liked me) minds. Who so? Why people so easily (just hearing bad from others) change their mind on me? Why so less faith on me?

i love gifts

i love gifts, no matter how costly or low cost it is. Today one of my friend give me a gift, A pair of blue sandal, matching with my Eid dress. I was so happy and looking every where what else is matching with my dress. I saw a blue car, and asked my friend, will you buy me a car? It is matching with my dress too!! First my friend surprised and then tells me YES, inshaAllah, one day I will…

Friday, January 5, 2007

my dad always hesitate

My dad has some problem in his teeth, so he can’t eat hard food. Today he brought kachchi biriany for iftar. But in iftar he found mutton isn’t soft enough (for him) to eat. He was very disappointed, I was right behind him. I gave him massed potato fry (aalur chop) which is soft, but he was shouting, no no. I had to force him to take, and finally he took half of it. He always hesitates to take food from his child. May be all parents are like that. They give good food to their children; never want to take from them….

I am not greedy for money

I am not greedy for money, that’s why when I get bigger project ( in amount and work), I said no, only because I had committed to work with other small amount project.

But still when I want to do any thing, but failed or can’t do only because of money, then really feel bad….

Like I like traveling, but you know, it costs….

I like to have a laptop, still couldn’t manage…

May be I have to change my way or work…. to get more money…..

concept on testing

here i have given simple concept about different software testing methods; we don’t need to follow all of them in one project. we just have to select according to our project requirement.

- Unit Testing
we perform unit test to validate every single modules and functions. this type of testing mostly done by the developers

- regressive test
test in iteration. while we make changes in the system, we need to kept this testing.

- limited test
limited part’s testing. generally happens after any code changing. then we test only that changed part.

- Acceptance Testing
generally client or owner of the project do this kind of test, through trial review, that modification and development meets the requirements.

- Continuous Integration
this is a software development practice, where developers continuously integrate the their works. ex: cvs, svn.

- Penetration Testing
security testing, like network security, software security, database security etc.

- Scenario Testing
test based on user experience. when a user like to use this software how he/she will behave or try to work with it. what is the problem she/he could face. it takes time to prepare test case for this test and execute. but very important for any software.

- Exploratory Testing
something like solving puzzles, test every piece of software, weather they are connected properly and functioned properly. main feature of this testing is here we prepare test case and execute test at a time. so it takes less time.

- Requirements Traceability Matrix
The Requirements Traceability Matrix is a representation of user requirements aligned against system functionality. It is used to ensure that all requirements are being met by the system deliverables. This technique is commonly used in large-scale government software development projects,
1. Identification of user requirements
2. Identification of system components
3. Estimation of effort spent on each system component
4. Mapping of system components to user requirements

- Software Configuration Management
keep change record. like cvs, subversion

- Usability Testing
usability of that system. human-computer interaction. need to take person who are completely unfamiliar with the system. tester will test how the user will try to use the system.

Some time people don’t understand how much he is getting

When you love any man with your all heart and soul, I that person don’t understand it. They take it some usual things; they don’t realize how extra ordinary love they are getting. It’s some thing like you are in the ocean or air; you take breath in this ocean. You don’t understand how important it is until you fall in position where no air is available to breathe….

say some of your friends are gossiping, in the mean time one of them leave (may have some other work to do). what will happen? rest of the people will start bad commenting on him. it happens in office, home and also in friend circle.

then all have bad feeling about that person... why people do so? its not good!!

start new writing

i have other 2 blogs. and but still i like to create a blog over here so that anyone can read my blog easily. i will post other blog's post over here too. time to tme.