Saturday, January 6, 2007

cng auto rickshaw bill

Now a day, dishonesty is the proud credit for Bangladeshi. No matter who u r, always try to find a way to income with dishonesty. Am I wrong? may be.........

today I took a cng auto richshaw to go to office and he demand 10 taka more, no matter how much bill will come in the mitre. I don't have other way to go to office, so I had to take that cng. Then I found within 2 second mitre the miter claiming 5taka. "thats not fair".. I told to the cng driver, and he keep quite. after that, mitre autometically come down. Then the driver took to the road where we have to face more traffic signals. generelly I paid 42-50 taka to the cng. today I pay 63 taka.

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