Friday, January 5, 2007

concept on testing

here i have given simple concept about different software testing methods; we don’t need to follow all of them in one project. we just have to select according to our project requirement.

- Unit Testing
we perform unit test to validate every single modules and functions. this type of testing mostly done by the developers

- regressive test
test in iteration. while we make changes in the system, we need to kept this testing.

- limited test
limited part’s testing. generally happens after any code changing. then we test only that changed part.

- Acceptance Testing
generally client or owner of the project do this kind of test, through trial review, that modification and development meets the requirements.

- Continuous Integration
this is a software development practice, where developers continuously integrate the their works. ex: cvs, svn.

- Penetration Testing
security testing, like network security, software security, database security etc.

- Scenario Testing
test based on user experience. when a user like to use this software how he/she will behave or try to work with it. what is the problem she/he could face. it takes time to prepare test case for this test and execute. but very important for any software.

- Exploratory Testing
something like solving puzzles, test every piece of software, weather they are connected properly and functioned properly. main feature of this testing is here we prepare test case and execute test at a time. so it takes less time.

- Requirements Traceability Matrix
The Requirements Traceability Matrix is a representation of user requirements aligned against system functionality. It is used to ensure that all requirements are being met by the system deliverables. This technique is commonly used in large-scale government software development projects,
1. Identification of user requirements
2. Identification of system components
3. Estimation of effort spent on each system component
4. Mapping of system components to user requirements

- Software Configuration Management
keep change record. like cvs, subversion

- Usability Testing
usability of that system. human-computer interaction. need to take person who are completely unfamiliar with the system. tester will test how the user will try to use the system.
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