Monday, May 21, 2007

Need immediately

Whenever any person asks any think or any favor from you, it’s very natural that he/she wants that immediately. If he/she founds you busy with other work, they will never tolerate (in their mind). They will be very disappointed. Even when you have done that favor, you may found that still those persons are not happy, as he/she had to wait… its not good, why people forget that you are not the only person in the world who needs any favor. Every person had their own schedule.

It’s true some people like to make other people wait with out any reason. May be they want to show how important person they are. What a poor thinking.

Luck favors some times

Many times I have marked that I was going to face terrible situation but my luck saved me. Some times luck really does favors.

Wrong situation

Some times I feel I fall in wrong situation. Like as situation says, I am not like that or I didn’t want to create the situation like that. But don’t know how it happens. Some times coz of my silent situation goes down. Some times some other person made me down.

Morning sick

I everyday before I sleep I make a plan for morning, that I will woke up early in the morning, say my prayer and then do some personal caring. But when I woke up in the morning i feel very sick. I just say my prayer and go back to bed. Again woke up to get ready for office. Don’t know, why this sickness, how to get rid of that.

You are playing different role in one time.

In your life you play different role in different time. I think it’s very difficult to play different role in one time. You are colleague, boss, sub-ordinate, friend, women, human, wife, daughter-in-law, child, sister, well wisher, helper, daughter everything at a time. And in every relation people expect form you. Very few people want to give you anything. It’s hard to maintain all. Some times, its really hard to see changes in your different role.

Road cutting in Dhaka city

This is very common scenario for the inhabitants of the Dhaka city. Whole year, some where of the road in the city you will find some road cutting is going on. And you will see this more during the rainy season.

We have seen, road are cut one day (actually take several days to cut the total road) and keep this for days. After that some work taken place on this road. Again authority keeps the road on that condition, cut and open. And finally authority took long time to repair. And the repairmen aren’t very good. A car jerks terribly when it pass the road

This shouldn’t continue. Road shouldn’t be cut long time ago before start the work, and it should be done part by part. No need to cut whole long road at a time. Authority should cut the road only that part and after complete the work they should repair it properly immediately. Then cut next part of the road.

Friday, May 18, 2007

going with flow: right? or wrong?

in my life, i have seen most of the people run with flow. whatever others doing, others eating, others wearing, others writing all follows that.

very few people i found who decide themselves what they will do.

i don’t know, weather it is good or bad. i always like to do whatever i think good. i never follow others. and i found some times its good, some times i was wrong.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Time for taking picture

Morning is the best time i guess. On that time people looks fresh, daily problem didn’t started to make look face unhappy.

What happen after lunch, people will be exhausted, and girl’s makeup will be removed ;)
But you know, we have taken out important group picture on that time.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Competition makes better product

I always believe that competition makes better product. It’s good to see other, when they are making competition with each other and give a good result.
But what happens when I am in any competition? I don’t like it. I really don’t like war, debate, competition etc. But still, I had to face all.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Don’t know how, start making expectation

If I expect anything, and then don’t get with out any strong reason, that really hurt me. That’s why always try not to expect anything from anyone.

But don’t know why, unconsciously again I start expecting. And get dishearten. I have to make my mind again, that I have no expectation from anyone. So, I don’t need to dishearten if any one don’t give me, what I should get.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Adjust with others.

Some people have very charming nature. Every body loves their company. Some doesn’t. Every one avoids them. I have seen these kinds of situations many times.

So decided, whenever I found that anybody avoiding me or dislikes me, I shall try to keep distance with them. I don’t want to bother anyone, that doesn’t make me feel good.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Need a place where I can talk

Long time back I have read from Jafar Ikbal’s book that in US people don’t have any good relation with other person, so they became sick, then finally go to the psychologist and give them big amount of money only to listen their words.

Now a day, I am feeling, may be I need that also. Coz I don’t have any one, to whom I can say all that is running in my mind.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

In odd position

You know, many times i cross my fingers not to fall in odd position, but it happens. May be I am doing some thing, but don’t want to let one person noticed that. You know what will happen, that person will see it. Some times this kind of situation makes me fall in odd position, people think wrong about me.