Thursday, June 28, 2007

When every thing goes wrong

May be some day comes, only to go in wrong direction. No matter what I do, people take it wrong way, wrong direction. Even some times I don’t find any better way to proceed which may not create any wrong impression…

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bias by the bad comments

To grow self confidence, appreciation is very necessary. Without appreciation its takes time to grow self confidence. But it’s really difficult when every one making bad comments on you. Very difficult to keep you normal speed of thinking, to be self confident in decisions….

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Politics with brain….

I have seen many times that people do politics in office. And many times i found them successful and in the long run whole office suffer for them. But people don’t understand for whom this is started.
Most of the time i have seen this kind of political guys has less technical capability in work. But when i saw this kind of people have talent, skills then it’s really difficult to overcome those political situations….

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Support ad when it is good for all

Generally to make advertisement big or some times small companies expended a lot. Like by giving bill board, ad in paper etc. which doesn’t make anything good for anyone (if you don’t count the earning of ad companies and others).
But some campaign is very good. Like to help cancer effected children from every packet they will give some amount, creating garden on main road, sponsor any cricket game etc. I support this kind of advertisement.

In Bangladesh we need road and good drainage system

Raining is a very common weather condition in Bangladesh. Especially in rainy season, any time rain can come and continue. Then why our roads get flooded with dirty water? Shouldn’t we be careful with good drainage system? After rain every time our roads and houses get flooded and then it creates big traffic jam. Every year this happens. We should take good care of that…..

Another issue is huge traffic load on the roads. I believe we should make more fly over with correct design that no vehicle had to fall in road crossing. That will remove traffic load, as it did in Khilgaon Fly over.

Then I won’t play

This is a very common dialog which I have heard in my childhood. I can’t remember whether I had said it too or not. But one thing, I never like this attitude. This kind of people doesn’t have any tolerance. They just leave the place coz they don’t like the situation and they want to make people in problem coz of their absent. Obviously there will be problem if any one left at the middle of the game.
When I grow up, I have seen same condition many places. Like… ok forget it.

Maintenance my pc

For couple of days my pc is running very slow. With 1 gb ram, it should perform this way. Today I had little free time. So start taking some steps to have better performance. First, clean up c drive with disk cleaner, then start compressing and indexing. In the mean time new task came. Lets see how much steps I can take to make better performance of my pc. Right now compressing d drive, folders and files…..