Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My country is better place to live

Everybody loves their country. But unless you see any other country how can you compare? With only details in book or newspaper you can’t see it. You have to there and live there for a while. When you visit any develop country rather than your country you can find it out why they are developed and what the demerits are there in your country. You can also see, in some cases your country is in better situation.

When you visit any under develop country than your country, you can easily see, how good are you living in your country, though you might have a lots of complain on your own country.

After traveling very little country for short time, now I feel our country is much better place than much other country (who claims they are better). Here things are much cheap to expend. Live more stable. Many good things are available here. Yes, I am talking about Bangladesh. Why don’t you come and stay here, you will also feel that.
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