Monday, December 31, 2007

Why Headache?

From very childhood I am facing problem for headache. My mom said, I have sinus problem that’s why facing problem like this. Then she suspect I have problem with my eyes, so have problem of headache. Finally get to know I have migraine. I guess I have problem in my eyes too… have to go to a eye specialist. Do you know anyone?

Now at night I had to cover my head with warm cloth then had to go for sleep. And regularly I am taking lemon juice to have vitamin C to prevent cold. Lemon juice is working fine. Staying better in cold weather. But still if I get angry or sad again headache comes…..

Friday, December 28, 2007

Using cosmetics

In my childhood I was fond of cosmetics. My mom gave her old makeup box and lipstick to me to play. I kept those with my toys. And in every occasion take some make up. I looked horrible. But I didn’t care.

After grew up, I made up my mind I won’t get marry. So stop doing the things which may attract boys. I leave cosmetics. I became very simple women, with no makeup and ornaments.

But time changes. Now my husband wants me to take care of my skin and others. Hmm, a bit difficult for me. I have some new cosmetics which I get in my marriage. But don’t get time to practice on it. So, whenever any occasion or function comes I get chance to do some practice on makeup. And I do sometimes looks ok, sometimes not. I hope I am not giving pain to the persons who are looking at me.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Please Vote for Cox’s bazaar and Shundarban in Bangladesh.

Did you ever visit Shundarban or Cox’s Bazaar in Bangladesh? It’s really very beautiful natural beauty in Asia.

If you want you can see pictures of Shundarban from my album…

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

When you see the storm

In boat or Ferry if storm comes, People start panic and that coz more trouble. If all stay calm then that increase 50% chance to survive.

In real life this is also there. In any storm in your life, if you can stay calm with patient that will be helpful for you mind to find better solution and act. May be its not true all times. But in a hurry or in panic, you may make more trouble with bad decisions and wrong steps.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Some place to visit

I think every country has some beautiful or interesting place for vacation. Generally when we plan to visit a new place, we always think what tourist places are available there. Or first think about the place, then country. But there are some other things too. Like climate, culture, people. Like if you are an Asian and go to an African country, then will see different race of people, culture, language. Then the whole country is new for you to see. Or if you go to Middle East then climate will be change also. Sometimes visiting new places seems visiting new worlds. We should see it.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Way to stay tension free

Staying in tension is very painful. I have heard this is one of the major reasons to have Diabetes. To stay tension free or less I always give myself time to think, what could be the solution. And when I thought anything as a solution I stop thinking about the problem (at least try to stop thinking) and try to stay steady. It works. But maybe not all times. When I expect some major problem, no matter whatever solution I think (sometimes I think to accept all) in my absent mind I may not stay that much free from tension. I feel week, brain not working properly, start doing silly mistakes everywhere. And finally fall in sick… Trying to solve this problem also… trying to make my mind stay cool in any situation.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Mentally prepared

How much can a person be mentally prepared? Don’t know. If I only think about me then will say I always try to be as much prepared as possible. Then don’t know how new strange situations come.

Once in a cartoon I have heard, the real world is much more exciting than your own imagination. It’s true; I have seen it several times. So no matter how much I stay prepared for good and worst. Life is totally different thing; it comes to in a new way always. I am not telling that my assumption is always wrong. But when I expect something bad but then I see reality wasn’t so bad. That makes me happy, and in a reverse way when good things don’t come the way I expect… feels a little bad. But I always accept the real world. No matter what I expected in my mind… keep it in there.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Is love important?

Do you think love is important in your life? I know many debates has perform in this issue and many going on. But what you believe? Or learn from your love?

I feel, without love a man live, no problem, can live with happy. But he will miss a beautiful feeling. Now you go for the beautiful feelings, it will fly you a different world. But again… there are some dishearten situation. Which you feel very terribly, but the person who didn’t love once, will never face it. And this is something you can never share with others. Only you will feel and destroy yourself.

We can compare with a bit with hope. In you’re mind you May thing you won’t hope for anything, so there will be no hope breaking pain. But you know, no matter what you decide, in your mind there are some hope always. This hope generates time to time and if break then only you understand that you have hoped for something, and feeling pain now because it’s broken.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Which ones priority comes first?

If you think about your career, 2 major things will come in front of you. If you are honest enough to count like that. Company and Your own position. Relation is, if you upgrade your self, your company will get upgraded resource, in other sense you can say, your company will be upgraded. If your company upgrade that can affect you too. You will be in a good company.

Now which has more priority to take care of? If you always think about your company and always try to share your knowledge to your team so that everyone gets upgraded and total value will increase. What will be your benefit. Your company will get better position. But we can’t assure you that you will be rewarded.

But if you think about yourself and upgrade, then your value will be increase, company will get better person, will respect you and will give benefit. Your team may not increase their value like you but that is good then they won’t come on your way, secure job. Recently while debating with one of my colleague I realize it.

Now you have to decide, what will you do? Which is more important for you?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Disagree with colleagues

My astrology said not to go with disagreement with anybody… Fine, trying to say yes to everyone. But in a decision making meeting me guess situation wasn’t like that. Somehow I have shown some points which a bit against to some colleague. Obviously that created some disagreement. I don’t know maybe I should keep quiet and or maybe I was right. I wish everyone should understand why I had pointed out and have little negative conversation with the colleagues

Monday, December 10, 2007

Service and business in Bangladesh

I have seen in most cases payment collection in Bangladesh is really a big trouble. No matter what service or product you give companies are always make you trouble to pay your bill. I have seen in some companies, there are always some bills pending… I wonder how people do business over here.

In giving service, same condition going on. You won’t get 100% service. You have to call and ask them again and again. Some says, if I pay full payment, they won’t come back and give me service… Some says, if I give full service, that company will never call me and give me my full payment. This shouldn’t be the way of business…

Friday, December 7, 2007

Miss place Miss Job

I like some advertise in TV for job sites.

Like in one AD, I have seen, a person with cricketer dress and bat washing clothes, One with dancing dress managing plain, one with chopper saving in saloon… hmm can understand what they really want to do.

Another is one is feeling very proud after every success, like when girls look at him, his boss is happy with his work, clients are happy with his plan. These make his chest big.. but he became small when he look at his payment….

May be these are looking very interesting because I am also doing job ….

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hiding others faults

Not focusing others fault is my general nature, I always try to tell good of anyone. I believe every person has a good side. So try to find that and focus on that. Even when someone accuse me I always try to explain what happen without accusing another person…

Now what’s the result? People listen bad about me (from other), but don’t listen bad about others from me. So I can see people are getting bad impression on me. I should learn to point on person when I found they are responsible too for any problem.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Being beautiful

I am not talking about beautiful mind. Today my focus will be on to be beautiful. Why people wanted to be beautiful? So that others people can look at him and make good comment? Coz they can’t see themselves (except mirror). It’s a good reason. But I think when you feel you are looking beautiful you will feel good that will make direct impact on your mind, body, work everywhere. It is also good; that others will feel good when they see me ;) dying for beauty? Well, that’s different case…

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Work with sickness

In my childhood whenever I feel sick for headache or fever, I go for sleep and feel good. Then in student life take rest at home. Now work life going on, no time for sleep or taking rest in sick, just adjust with sickness work continue work, until fall in bed that I can’t sit anymore.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Marathon complains….

When you found any point of disagreement or problem or missing anything what do you do? Directly contact with the right person. Then? Discuss and come to a point where both can agree. Then? Live happy.

No, some people are not like that. If they found problem, they will start screaming with nearby person, then will go to the right person, discuss, come to a point. Then again contact with next boss, complain. Did that person stop?

No. Then go the MD, again complain, scream, may be with tears. Is it finished now? Who knows….