Thursday, December 13, 2007

Is love important?

Do you think love is important in your life? I know many debates has perform in this issue and many going on. But what you believe? Or learn from your love?

I feel, without love a man live, no problem, can live with happy. But he will miss a beautiful feeling. Now you go for the beautiful feelings, it will fly you a different world. But again… there are some dishearten situation. Which you feel very terribly, but the person who didn’t love once, will never face it. And this is something you can never share with others. Only you will feel and destroy yourself.

We can compare with a bit with hope. In you’re mind you May thing you won’t hope for anything, so there will be no hope breaking pain. But you know, no matter what you decide, in your mind there are some hope always. This hope generates time to time and if break then only you understand that you have hoped for something, and feeling pain now because it’s broken.
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