Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Which ones priority comes first?

If you think about your career, 2 major things will come in front of you. If you are honest enough to count like that. Company and Your own position. Relation is, if you upgrade your self, your company will get upgraded resource, in other sense you can say, your company will be upgraded. If your company upgrade that can affect you too. You will be in a good company.

Now which has more priority to take care of? If you always think about your company and always try to share your knowledge to your team so that everyone gets upgraded and total value will increase. What will be your benefit. Your company will get better position. But we can’t assure you that you will be rewarded.

But if you think about yourself and upgrade, then your value will be increase, company will get better person, will respect you and will give benefit. Your team may not increase their value like you but that is good then they won’t come on your way, secure job. Recently while debating with one of my colleague I realize it.

Now you have to decide, what will you do? Which is more important for you?
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