Thursday, January 31, 2008

Shouting to other peoples

People who use to shout with others can’t stop themselves. But question if anyone else shout on them can they resists? Should be, but they can’t. And they react more than other people.
Yesterday I went home by Mishuk (one kind of auto rickshaw, which runs by motor cycle and take passenger behind them like rickshaw or cng auto rickshaw). The driver behaved with me very politely, but he was terrible with other drivers no matter whether it is rickshaw or car. If they any how make trouble for him, sometimes for traffic jam, he starts shouting with bad words and voice. I had nothing to do except listening and watching him doing like that.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Urban pollution in the Badda road

In Dhaka (Bangladesh), as far as I can feel the most polluted road is Badda road. It started from Muchak market and end at Bishsha road. It’s a quite long road. And I guess it is 40-50 feet wide. If you travel with this road first you will face lots of dust. If you have allergy then you are in big trouble. And many bus, trucks and cars running over this road, and most of them produced black smoke. After reaching home, if you clean your nose with tissue paper you will see black dust, no matter most of them are already gone into your body. You can’t image what you breath all the road.

With buses and cars there are rickshaws. And every day, even in the weekends this road is full with traffic jam. I feel this is the most polluted air road in Dhaka city.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mind control on weather

It’s very simple that people will feel cold in winter and feel warm in summer. But still it varies person to person. Here we won’t count sick people. But sometimes we see some people feeling very cold and some are not. It’s not that the fat people will feel hot in winter always in comparison to thin people.

And sometimes our mind controls this feeling. Like few days back I had read that some scientists are living in Antarctica in -40 c. that is the lowest temperature area, where people are living. I don’t know what makes me change with this news. Now when cold air blows I think about them and that make me feel better. I don’t feel extreme Cold in this cold air where others Bangladeshi’s are feeling so.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Belgium’s glass

My mom told me story about her grand-father and grand-father’s glass dinner sets several times. She always told me Belgium’s glass is the best in the world. Because, her grand-father’s daddy always bring best thing from anywhere. He brought Belgium’s dining set. Those He kept in the big wood boxes. But most of them are not stolen. My mom also saw some bowl which is made in class with beautiful design. Some looks balls inside but if you put your hand on it will look plain. Someday I wish to go and visit Belgium and buy some souvenir :)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Training on urban culture

In Bangladesh most of the area is still rural area. And everyday hundreds of people coming to the main towns to work and get their livelihood. They born and grow up in village. Their living culture and town’s living culture are not same. So, when they come to town many things they what they shouldn’t. Let me give you an example. In village, people through water in the sand or soil, it’s not harmful, moreover its good for the plants. Now if this person starts living in town, in a flat. Then if they throw water through window, what will happen? But it’s not in their culture. And they couldn’t inherit by themselves.

So, I think, we should include some extra chapter in sociology book in our school that from childhood people can learn about city culture and learn good attitude as a social creature.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Some memory

Sometimes some small incidences take you to past, some kind of flash back. Those past flash backs are not very important. But still our brain store it very carefully. Sometimes I thought why this very small thing kept in my mind? It’s not important now, not even on that time. I don’t know how it affected my mind so deeply.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Decision for career

I have listened from a very popular, experienced Project Manager that if people don’t listen to you over here then leave them; go where people listen to you.
My 7 years experiences says, try to make position, may be you can change their attitude.
Do doubt both are contradictory. Now you have to take decision what is your situation? What will be the right decision for you?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Allergy problem

In office we have ordered not to give beef in lunch. Coz, I have allergy in beef. So always try to avoid it. Today we suppose to get chicken fry. Sometimes they give chicken onion instead fry. So I though today also they have given this. But while eating I realize it is actually beef. But it was too late. I got attack of allergy. Already facing problem in leg. Yesterday I had headache, today this allergy problem… seems I need long time rest for to get recover.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Hesitation is never acceptable for anyone. Sometimes you might think that coz of hesitation you didn’t do or say something and finally get to know that was the right decision.

But, this situation is very rare. Most of the time you will see coz of hesitation you have taken wrong decision or couldn’t say or do right thing on right time. If you are wrong but when you do the thing without any hesitation that may turn into right or may not make you feel uneasy. If you think you should do it, do it without any hesitation.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Uneasy situation

Sometimes you hide your statement from a person. May be you don’t want to let that person know about your bad statement on them or maybe you don’t want to hurt them or maybe you don’t have enough strength to face them.

But what will be their feeling for your attitude? They will understand something going on behind them. But they won’t be able to get to know what exactly it is… very uneasy feeling… If they get to know what is going on, no matter what it is, it would have better for them to take decision about you, about situation, their next step or the about the future relation with other.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Cleaning the car

Like other countries, in Bangladesh using private car increased. That’s why now a day every building tries to make parking area at ground floor. People keep car and do maintenance also over there. That time they forget about other’s problem and trouble. May be with water pipe they washes their car. There is not drainage system in the parking area. So, all water goes to the road. This is really big trouble for the passer by. But car owner don’t care. Or this out of their thinking range.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Something challenging

People like a challenge, that’s why they went to theme park to ride on difficult rides. That’s fun. People challenge each other, to prove themselves or to show down to other.

I try to avoid challenges. I took everything as it is. I try my best, rest depends on Allah. If succeed fine, other wise will try different way. But I don’t like challenges, but can’t run away from it. Life is full of challenge. Whether you like it or not, you have to face it.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Safe site

When I get any link to check, I first see the URL. If the URL is from, then click on it, without any hesitation. I trust as a safe site that won’t make any harm to my pc.

I also like to read other blogs from So whenever I get time click on “next blog” to read another blog, which may be picked randomly. Recently, I am getting nude and other 3d kind of site by clicking “next blog”. It’s not good, don’t know why, allow this kind of blog…

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Taking food in time

I can’t eat much at a time (but sometimes have to eat to clear my dish). Coz doesn’t feel good if I take too much food. But then within an hour again start feeling hungry. Our Bangladeshi tradition is to take huge amount of food for 3 times in a day so that you won’t need to take food every now and then. I have ulcer problem in stomach (recently make), so after some period has to take food. It’s a bit difficult for me. Coz other person are not taking food that way.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Who have no fear?

Once in television I was watching a talk show “coffee with Karan” and that day Catrina Caif (Actress) was there as a guest. She was talking what she likes about “Salman khan” (Actor). She said, she likes his fearless attitude, he woke up in the morning and don’t fear about anything. That’s the way he enjoy his life. And Catrina really likes that.

That’s hit me too. Do I also like to live like this? I think people can stay fearless, either they have got many things or have nothing to loss. Like me….

Friday, January 4, 2008

Return whatever I had lent

When I give loan, always want to get it back as soon as possible. That’s why when I took anything from anyone, always try to keep it in memory and want to give it back.

I took money from some of my very close relative (otherwise who will give me). Some of them said they don’t expect me to return. Some wanted to get back the money but didn’t give me a time frame (Thanks to Allah). First I thought I should complete the purpose (for the reason I lent money). But now I am thinking if possible I should return them now. Who knows what is in my future. I have already given back from whom I took less amount. After long time when I return money, they surprise to get it. I took so long time that they forget about the money and may be thought I will never give back the money. What a shame for me.

Now I am saving money to give back to the rest who had given big amount. They have to wait, till I make that much amount.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Be honest with office

Say a person is very honest. Even in competition, they stay very honest. They show to their competitors how to enter into the company, and let them do and accept their works, appraise competitors.

Good for the company. It is creating healthy environment. And office is getting new options as the competitors doing to show themselves up. Now what happen with the previous person?

Some day office may find, they don’t need all. So, Why not keep the new guy and kick out the old one? New person brought new things, and company can easily forget what the previous person did. Competitor may help office to do that also, because it is matter of their own job security. They don’t have to be honest like the previous person.

So, why people needs to be so honest? Self care (Recently see these two words on a packet of doctor’s instrument). If you don’t take care of yourself, nobody will, no matter whatever you do for other.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

Happy New Year! It’s being a long time when I first start writing. I have first started writing blog in then migrant to the

From the beginning I have decided I will write here without thinking about anything. I will write whatever comes in my mind. Well, though sometimes I hide name and place, but others are 100% truth. Let’s see how long I continue writing. It’s my own online diary.