Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Urban pollution in the Badda road

In Dhaka (Bangladesh), as far as I can feel the most polluted road is Badda road. It started from Muchak market and end at Bishsha road. It’s a quite long road. And I guess it is 40-50 feet wide. If you travel with this road first you will face lots of dust. If you have allergy then you are in big trouble. And many bus, trucks and cars running over this road, and most of them produced black smoke. After reaching home, if you clean your nose with tissue paper you will see black dust, no matter most of them are already gone into your body. You can’t image what you breath all the road.

With buses and cars there are rickshaws. And every day, even in the weekends this road is full with traffic jam. I feel this is the most polluted air road in Dhaka city.
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