Friday, February 22, 2008

Cricket craze in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi people are crazy about cricket. If any team come and play in Bangladesh can understand how people love this game. No matter how important the game is, they will always see gallery is full of people. If you go anywhere you will see people are listening commentaries in radio or watching game in TV in shops, markets, work places, hospitals everywhere. Boys even aged peoples are playing cricket whenever they found some space. Most of them don’t have even bat or good balls or wickets. Even in villages, you will see children who just learn how to run, start playing cricket. In the paddy field, back-yard, wherever they found some space to play.
Even in our office people use to play cricket in the terrace. So cricket lovers are here too.
I don’t remember one of the cricket commentators told that Bangladeshi Cricket team should play good for this cricket loving people… He was right.
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