Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Listening to the rumor

It’s my nature that I never listen to rumor. I never care what others are saying about me. I always concentrate on myself. What I am doing, whether it is good or bad. I watch people. When I dislike any nature from others, first I try to remove it from myself. I dislike bad comments. I myself don’t do that. But that doesn’t mean in real life others won’t. People make bad comment with true and false which make others think bad on some one. This may not true.

When I listen about other, I always take it as 50/50. Coz I should make my mind only listening to from one side. Other side may also have more say. When you listen from both you can have some idea which is nearly ok. You can understand who is making bad comments and who is talking with respect to others. People don’t say truth all time. But you can understand it from their work, who is really what.

Time and situation sometimes brings truth in front of you.
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