Thursday, March 20, 2008

Quality or timing?

Quality or Timing, which one is more important? Depends, every project isn’t demand same priority. Every client doesn’t have same mental satisfaction. Some want their product in time; they can consider product quality up to some mark. Some company wants’ good quality in their product. They are not very strict with timing, but they don’t want to consider about quality. I prefer last one. It doesn’t mean project will be in never ending process always. In some cases it might me. When clients wants their product updated with time.
In Bangladesh most of the company gives emphasis on dead line. That’s the nature of our clients. But when I start work with Europeans I found they give pressure on quality.
When I work, if I get more than enough time, I have seen I can do work much better than expected. I do what was expected then get more time to think how to improve that and I do…. And my relax brain can think much better than when it’s in pressure.
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