Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Why brides don’t want to live with husband’s family

Before marriage I thought several times, why brides don’t like to live with husband’s family, if they love her. But now after marriage I understand what could be the reason.

I have seen my friends who are marriage, how they stay with new life. Almost all area I found actually people which family brings a bride in their family they have some typical problem in Bangladesh (may be some other countries too). They just want to get benefited from the bride. They never thought that this girl leave everything from her family and start living with us. They think they are showing mercy to that girl that they are letting that girl to stay with them.

In many ways they make that girls life miserable. They make her listens many bad comments of her and of her family and for everything she does, how she looks, how she talks. And keep complaining to her husband to make him do bad behave with the girl. No matter, what she do for that family, every where the family members give statement that the girl is doing nothing. In front of other people they show that they don’t let her work, but if no one is there, they make the girl work for them. Many times they make the girl feel that she is taking food from her husband’s family, not from her father or by herself.

Finally when the girl start avoiding the family then they again start telling that the girl isn’t mixing freely with them…. She is not a good girl etc etc.
I think every person should live separate after married. Its true if you stay together you will be benefited in many ways. But to live happy and peacefully, and to give peace to the girl you married, you should live separate. And no matter who says what husband and wife should trust each other and give company and help each other to solve each and every problem. They should protect each other when anyone attack any of them, they shouldn’t listen to them but help partner to get rid of that problem. They should become shelter of each other.
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