Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Too much crowd in 1st Boishakh

Yesterday was one of the big celebration days for Bangladesh. 1st day of Bangla New Year, Pohela Boishak. I went out from home at 3:50pm and reach at the restaurant at 7pm. You can’t imagine how traffic was on the road. I let go 3 buses coz they were too crowded. No way to get into them. Then I and my husband could get into the 4rth bus. In the mean time we had tried to get any cng auto rickshaw or taxi cab, but failed. None of them agree to go there. And in many area’s roads were blog. Well if government didn’t block those road, crowd themselves would block those road. Many people get down from the bus and start walking, coz that will be faster to reach the destination. I have seen thousands of people walking over the road and searching for any vehicle. We had to sit in the bus for 3 hours, where it could be 1 hour in regular traffic jam and half an hour with no traffic jam (wish to have). Not only had we, lots of people wasted their time on the road coz of this trouble. We should find out better solution to sort out this problem.
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