Thursday, April 10, 2008

Using solar power

Bangladesh is a country where we have lack of power supply. Especially in summer everyday several hours’ people can’t get any electricity supply. It is difficult to survive especially in the town without water and any cooler system. Because, no power supply means no water supply, no AC, no fan.

Bangladesh is in a tropical reason. Here we get plenty of sunlight to use. In Nepal (which is north side of Bangladesh) use sunlight in broad level. I have seen every Hotel has sunlight using system on their roof. Even in the street lap they are using sunlight power to generate electricity. Why can’t we do it? People will love to use it; this means they have to spend some money first to install the solar system. Then no need to pay electricity bill! Specially where we don’t have any facility of power supply, like Saint martins Island in Bangladesh. It’s a tourist place
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