Friday, June 27, 2008

Where is my name?

One office is using my blog as an advertisement. Good, I am feeling honored. But they didn’t show my name, so I don’t have any chance to be popular. But that office said, from my blog picture ( I have a brand picture for that blog, that is CAT) people who knows me can understand that it is my writing. Well, if known people can recognize blog, I don’t know how that will be helpful for me to unknown people. But I didn’t say them anything.
Today somehow I got to see the printed paper of banner and I found that they have removed my blog picture too! Now only use blog text. They are using my blog (well can use any) but not giving me any benefit…

Thursday, June 26, 2008

How much money do you have in your money bag?

If you ask me the question, then I will say, I don’t know. Generally I don’t count small amount of monies and always keep a 500 (BDT) note for emergency. Today I have invited my husband to take lunch together, coz his office is shifting far away from my office. It will be difficult for us to meet in day time. You can say some kind of farewell.
We took delicious lunch. Ask for bill and suddenly I found I have some small amount of money and no 500 (BDT). I didn’t know what to do? May be I have to keep my husband waiting in the restaurant and go out and get some money from Bank…..
But luckily my husband has some money (generally he doesn’t keep much with him). I rest of the bill he paid….

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How to get well from Hepatitis B

In a very common way we can get infected. If we use common cup, plate, spoons, glass etc people can be infected by mouth water infection. Even if we wash with detergent it won’t remove the germs. Only boiled water is effective to remove this germ. But in offices generally all washed their things by soap or liquate detergent not boiled water. So, there is very good chance to be infected.
Vaccination is the only solution of this disease. If you complete all doze then you are free from Hepatitis B forever.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Too high temperature

In Bangladesh, summer is going on. And no one can forget about it. Every minutes they have to realize that this is summer going on. Here it is high temperature and high moisturizer climate going on. Please can take breath properly only in AC (Air conditioned) room

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Being a mother

This post for woman only, coz Man can never feel (if somehow they get pregnant then might be) it..
Previously I have heard, mothers became very happy when they got the child. They forget all of their pain after watching the child or thinking of the child.

Now what happen with me, from the very beginning I became sick and day by day the sickness is increasing… I can’t spend a moment without sickness; I can’t feel good by thinking of my child. Only praying may Allah remove all of my pain and give a healthy baby.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Words sometimes sound wrong

Sometimes I found a person lying, but I don’t have any direct proved to catch. Sometimes I have prove but I don’t want to make relation bad so don’t want to show them that I know that they are lying. But when I found these people are blaming for their own fault to me then? I had to speak up… but others make wrong impression on me. Well, then I have nothing to do, whatever I said, that was the truth.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bag from Cox’s bazaar

2 months earlier we went to cox’s bazaar. I wanted to buy something as a souvenir and also useful. I have rounded whole Barmize market and select a bag. Which is brown color, made by rexin, with plastic button, cursi hand work, metal like bronze show piece. It sounds sweet when I move the bag for metal things. After lots of bargening I could buy medium size by 300 (BDT).

When I came in Dhaka, my youngest syster told me that it is available in Dhaka also. Anyway all liked my bag very well.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wrong report

Few day’s back I went to Medinova medical service center to altra sono. And got report I have molar pregnancy. You can understand what a mother could feel when she heard about her first child.

But again to be sure I went to Farida Clinic. First, a junior doctor asked did I come here for abortion? I was very angry and reply NO. I wanted to be sure. She said why? Your report is here and they said this is Moral pregnancy. I said, but I wanted to be sure. If needed, I like to do more tests…. By listening this kind of conversation another junior doctor said, ok, let her do another altra sono.

And from that report I got to know, I have no problem. My child is totally normal…….

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I never hesitate to give tax. I feel this is my duty and I am honest everywhere. When tax cutting in high rate from my salary, then nothing more to say. I am not lawyer, don’t understand much about laws. So whatever a consultant will advice I have to follow that.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Don’t listened to good advice

Whenever I found any person is doing mistake or taking wrong decision generally I inform them what I think. I never force to listen to me. Coz I don’t want them to feel that I am dominating them. I only don’t say anything If that person isn’t talking to me, or not ready to listen anything from me.

But still, few people have some ego problem, especially who are in bigger position than me. I don’t know what they think, may be they think I can’t be right, or if they listen to me then their position will be insecure. Anyway when they avoid or argue on my opinion, I don’t say anything. Let them suffer for their own decision. After few months or few weeks they will understand automatically that they were wrong and I had given correct decision.

The matter of fun is they never accepted when they found that I was right and there were wrong. They just show there face like this that nothing happened. Funny!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Client relation in IT

Every business has something called Client Relation. Same goes for IT companies also. But meaning is a bit different and complex over here.

In other product after completion of the product, production people sale it to the clients and clients don’t have anything to say to the production. If they like it they will take it otherwise won’t take that’s it.

It’s not same for IT business. Here from beginning to end and after ending the product, client can give their opinion, they can ask to edit, change and again re-change their product and they can easily left the product or not pay for the product anytime. So, here in IT business customer relation is very important and contact person had to have a good communication skill to maintain this job. This importance goes for the developer also. They had to understand what client might think, but couldn’t explain how they want their product. Sometimes clients change their mind in-between project and even after project. After watching and seeing the product client always found they need to change something. And nothing wrong with it. Developers job is to fulfill their request. But here another big issue come, this kind of changing might take more time to work which obviously will increase the project cost. Where client might not interested. So contact person had to make sure that how much change client wants and how much it will cost for them. Is it overlapping the budget? Is it mentioned in the contract? Is client ready to pay extra cost? If not then how much extra work can company provide (as they don’t want to make any bad relation with the client)?

This responsibility goes to project owner mainly. Marketing team can also handle it.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Invisible girl

Did you read the ‘Invisible Man’? I read it in my school. On that wanted be invisible. Many people wants to invisible and move around all area. Some magicians can do it also.
Now I think I became invisible, which I wanted some day in my childhood. I work for almost every project but no where my name mentioned. In wiki and other doc they mention names who are involved in this project but forget to mention my name. They make plan and forget invite me on that meeting. Later on I had to collect all info to know about the project and its status perfectly and to do my job. When people need they remember me and take benefit of my work but after that or some times during my work time I remain invisible for them. So no doubt when salary increment issue comes, my one still remains like previous condition.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Habitat in flexible environment

You know, when you are use to live in a flexible environment, it’s very difficult to adjust if your management show any restriction.
Generally management always shows flexible decision whenever I am in trouble. But recent 2 of their decision really give me some trouble. I didn’t argue with them. May be I should raise my voice at least maybe I should let them know that I have some different opinion. Problem is by nature I don’t like to argue with anyone. Just ignore if not possible to adjust, left them.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My heart has gone

For some day’s I am thinking that I am in nice hotel just beside the beach. Sleeping, taking rest, eating delicious food and having nice vacation. But reality is far from there. This is really making me tired.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Use to

When you are sick for couple of days you can take necessary rest and then come back to your work. What will happen if you became sick for months? Then there isn’t any way, to take rest for such a long time. You have to use to with it and do your regular job.