Friday, June 6, 2008

Client relation in IT

Every business has something called Client Relation. Same goes for IT companies also. But meaning is a bit different and complex over here.

In other product after completion of the product, production people sale it to the clients and clients don’t have anything to say to the production. If they like it they will take it otherwise won’t take that’s it.

It’s not same for IT business. Here from beginning to end and after ending the product, client can give their opinion, they can ask to edit, change and again re-change their product and they can easily left the product or not pay for the product anytime. So, here in IT business customer relation is very important and contact person had to have a good communication skill to maintain this job. This importance goes for the developer also. They had to understand what client might think, but couldn’t explain how they want their product. Sometimes clients change their mind in-between project and even after project. After watching and seeing the product client always found they need to change something. And nothing wrong with it. Developers job is to fulfill their request. But here another big issue come, this kind of changing might take more time to work which obviously will increase the project cost. Where client might not interested. So contact person had to make sure that how much change client wants and how much it will cost for them. Is it overlapping the budget? Is it mentioned in the contract? Is client ready to pay extra cost? If not then how much extra work can company provide (as they don’t want to make any bad relation with the client)?

This responsibility goes to project owner mainly. Marketing team can also handle it.
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