Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Easy with boys

It depends on culture, personality and environment. I have study in girl’s school and college. But I have also take training on dance and singing. There class was combined with boys and girls. In my local area where I lived, I also use to play with girls and boys. So I have some chance to communicate with boys. But what I found is if I want to talk with them friendly they start thinking I fall in love with them. So some start showing more interest and some run away. None of these attitudes looks healthy for me. So I stopped mixing with boys. Or just talk with them when needed.

After completion of college study I get admitted in Dhaka University. And before joining there I decided my mind that I will talk with boys and will always keep a distance. In my 5 years of University life, I always maintain this and never fall problem with boys.

Then enter my professional life. Now I became more liberal with boys. I start mixing with them not only for any work but also going out in group in different places, start talking with them over phone nicely. I mean I start behaving normal with them, but always keep some distance, physically never touch them. I am little bit religious.

Now this again starts creating situation like my child hood. Some start liking me more than colleague, some more than a friend. I tried to handle all in same way. But one thing I could understand, which I have seen in many boys, whenever they found a girl to whom they can communicate tries to make some other kind of relation, if possible tries to make physical relation and then forget about her, that she is not a good girl. But if the girl isn’t easy to get, then they stays good.
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