Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Love in interview

Long time ago, I was looking for a job. In a office in Uttora I got chance to join as a Java developer. In first Interview, Company owner liked me. But he wasn’t sound in Java, so asked his brother-in-law to take my second interview. He came from USA, after completion his education.
I gave my second interview. He was very nice and friendly. I couldn’t give him some answer correct. Some I didn’t know. So after the interview I couldn’t guess whether they choose me or not.
After some time they informed me that I was selected. Great achievement for me. On that time I was only 1 year experienced. I was so happy so shared my experience to my previous company colleagues. And you know what they found. He said that brother-in-law fall in love with me! No matter what I say, they get stick with their opinion. From that time, I took a good decision; I am never going to share my interview experience with my colleagues.
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