Monday, September 8, 2008

Man’s love

In Bangladesh women’s sometimes says man’s love. Coz love is not same as woman’s do and may be not trust worthy like women’s love (that’s what women have thought). And I agree with it.

I have seen in my life and my known people life. After some period, women’s love became one sided. They don’t get any return from man. I don’t know what exactly happened over here. May be man feels bore, or they just want to make woman love and after succeed they lost their feeling.

I have seen husbands who love their wife. But when their family especially mother (or sis, or bro or dad) or any other relative makes any bad comment on all of their love gone. After married they don’t want to do anything or any plan to make their wife happy. If any other person from their family says to (or to give permission) to do anything for her then he does. No matter what her health condition is, unless she work hard for his family he or his family don’t like her. They want her to earn money for them and also give physical strength to make them happy. In return they will say some nice word to make her feel good to do more for them.

This love also depends of giving birth of a child. Let me give you some example. At home, after urine test I understand that I might be pregnant. My husband was very happy. We both then went “Medinova Diagnostic Center” to do ultra sono. On the way, my husband was very alert for the jerking of the road. Actually he was worried about the coming baby. Then we do test and the untra sono report said I had molar pregnancy! My husband gives me support to accept the terrible news. After returning home we brought some kitchen accessories as his mom asked. Then return home. On the way again we face some jerking and this time my husband were worried about the oil gallon, is it ok or not. He just stop concern about me coz I am not giving a healthy child. (Finally we got to know that ultra sono report was wrong, I am giving birth a healthy perfect baby).

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Making trouble between husband and wife

I have seen this tendency to make bad relation between husband and wife in many people. Without any reason they like to make misunderstanding between a husband and wife. Specially the people, who are from groom’s family. They don’t want to see, their boy feeling love with their wife. They try to keep distance as much as possible. May be somehow that’s beneficiary for them.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Less payment

It’s very common in corporate business. Administration always wants to pay less as much as possible. In the personal negotiation if anyhow anybody asked less than the standard payment of the company, company get chance to pay that person less than others. And in long run those people have to always take less than others even when the increment and other facilities came.

Monday, September 1, 2008

I have to believe in my self

I know I have many good capabilities. But I never challenge this with anyone. I never thought I am the best in it. I always thing there are always possibilities to upgrade myself and there could be other who are better than me. But I don’t take any leading position by myself, coz I wanted to give chance to others. And most of the time I found, I were the better skilled person. But I never regret for this attitude. I took only those responsibilities which are given to me. May be I have to believe in myself little more, to give better service to other. I know I can do it.