Friday, October 31, 2008

Life is full of compromises

Life is full of compromises or some times with some sacrifices. I don’t live alone. I had to adjust with my family members, in-law family members, office colleagues, others. I don’t want to have any bad relation with any of them. And it’s also true; I don’t like their 100% of their attitude, decisions, and manners. So I just ignore or over look whatever they do. But some times I loose my tolerance that time may be I shout few strong words which I generally don’t. But I don’t like to do this attitude. But my patient has some limits, no matter how much I accept things…. People break my patient limit.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Still Dhaka’s air is polluted too much

I didn’t test it or I don’t know how to test, whatever I had felt from my personal experience I like to share that.

Coz of health condition I stay at home most of the days. After a long time yesterday I went out to some personal work with my father. We took a CNG auto and after few minutes I start feeling that my eyes are burning. I tried to keep looking down on the road that polluted air may not attack my eyes directly. Special when a motor cycle standing beside our auto I were facing more problem. Once I feel something put on my eyes, I tried to clear my eyes with my finger and I found it is something like black sand.

People who go outside daily may take it as a daily problem like others, but I think we should try to make this air environment better.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Returning gifts

I love to have gifts…. But there are very few people who gives me gifts very few times (may be once in my birthday) in a year. Anyway I can expect but can ask to give me any gift. For me gift’s are priceless. I never look now expensive it is or is it useful for me or not. I just liked that the person care to give me something as a gift. I never give my gift to other person or never thought to return it.

But all are not same. Some people always check how expensive the gift is. Some are worse than that, if any bad feelings they feel on me, they just return my gift. I think I shouldn’t give gifts to these persons any more. Coz I don’t like to take it back.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Organic gardening

This is what we need in Bangladesh desperately. We are now eating lots of chemicals and poisonous things with vegetable and grains. Thing is if you want to stay good you have to grow rice, vegetables in your own field and then process it to eat. My mom does gardening on the top of portico and baranda. She is following organic gardening process. Most of her tress is flowers. I wish she produce some vegetables which can supply us good healthy food.