Saturday, November 29, 2008

Like to take food together?

Man likes to live socially. So they like to eat together with family members, colleagues, friends, lover etc. But is it always possible to maintain in Bangladesh? Or always good to maintain.

Some times I have seen in a friend circle if anyone feel hungry, can’t say that they need to take food now. If they say will take food, they had to invite all friends and pay alls bills. No one will come to help this poor guy.

In family it’s difficult to say for a bride that she is hungry and need to take food. She had to wait when her mother in law ask her to take food. Most of the times mother in law prefer her to take food as a last person of the family. First the boys, then children and other women and finally bride could eat what is left.

And also husband never likes to see that his bride taken food before him.

If will be better if Bangladeshis come out from this problem. That anyone can eat when they need to and no need to wait for others.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Cheating on payment

Cheating on payment is a very common, old scenario in professional life. From bottom to top level you will see this problem. If management can see a person who doesn’t know their market value, management will try to pay as low as they can. And will give very low annual increment. No matter what international company it is.

In Bangladesh many poor people go abroad to work as a daily labor. From Bangladesh whatever told to be paid, reality wasn’t same. When they visit the work place they get to know their payment is less than half whatever was offered. But the people who went to work already paid enough to go abroad so they just can come back but join there.

Recently I got to know about another women’s story. When she was young she often comes to our house to clean backyard. Now she clean road of an area. Officially some one else is recruited who gets tk 6000 monthly. That person offer her to work for them and she is working instead of them unofficially and getting from them only tk 600. But still she is happy that at least she get something at the end of the month!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Day night became same

When you stay at home for long time; day, night, month everything became same. It’s difficult to remember what the current date is running. Now a day I only try to remember what is the time? Is it time for taking food and medicine? And what is the date? Is it schedule date to visit doctor? Now I don’t have any specific sleeping time. Whenever I feel bad I had to take rest in bed. Some times I fall a sleep. So whenever I feel sleepy I sleep, other wise stay awaken. No matter weather it is day time or night.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Responsibility when you get married

You get married obviously that will give you some very common and very important responsibility to your spouse. You can’t ignore your responsibility if you just don’t want to. This is something that your spouse gets by default from you and you can expect same from them also.

No matter what your other relative or family member things or give you bad advice about them, you have to take good care of your spouse. And try to have good behavior and relation with them. Coz of your family members opinion you can’t make bad impression on them. You have to remember that you bring them into your life not to give pain but to give a very good care. Here your other family members don’t have any responsibility on them. It’s only you, who can bring happiness in their life. And no matter how much it cost, you have to.

Friday, November 21, 2008

When people block roads

It’s became Bangladeshi’s tradition, whenever anything happen they block roads. This may happen for joy or to show sorrow or showing rights. People, who suffers for this road blocking they know, how much it makes trouble for the passer by.

I surprise to see then peoples who declare themselves as helper of general people politically then do this kind of thing mostly, like to show their demand, to welcome their leaders and for so many other reasons every now and then they block roads. Did they every thought if a pregnant woman needs to go to a hospital what she will do? If any one need any emergency help what will happen to that person? Coz of their blocking people looses hours from their working hour who will recover this wastage? If they really want peoples good they should make peoples live better not measurable. When they create government they should make fly over on every road crossing that no car needs to waste a single minute in traffic signal. No meeting, rally should make on road. In Bangladesh roads are very limited according to growing population; we can’t block roads for any reason.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Origin of some criminals

In urban areas, special in Dhaka, Bangladesh, there are lots of people who are living on road or in a very poor condition in slam area. These people don’t have any proper life style or mentality to live, especially about their sex relation. Women has husband but they don’t stay with them regularly. They came, do sex, take money from her whatever they can and then leave. Start living with other women. By this time their wife gets pregnant. Generally they don’t use any birth protection. And every year these women birth children. Then they grow up on the road. From the very beginning they learn how to beg, still, tell lie, use wrong words, making people fool. After that they learn how to hijack, murder etc. Some of these children start working in a very child age, some continue with that, some again goes in wrong way. When they are at 13/14 years old, you can see, for a very small reason they start killing their friend like a professional murderer. When they grow up becomes more dangerous in criminal world. Some may join in direct politics. How much we can expect from them?

The town never takes these peoples responsibility and neither tries to prevent these situations. And situation gets worse and worse. Not all are becoming criminal. Some becomes rickshaw puller, some do other business but again their children are in the same situation. When they become old stay on road side and do begging.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Low blood pressure

My sister Sonia, who is an honorary doctor in Dhaka Medical College has advised me to check my pressure daily, if it some how it become high then immediately I have to go to the doctor.

Today I was feeling so bad, I couldn’t take breath. I was taking air but feeling there is no oxygen. I was too week to move. I made some saline by sugar, salt and water and took. After taking 3 glasses, I feel better.

Later on when I check my blood pressure, I found it is 110 and 75. May be when I was feeling sick, it was too low.