Monday, November 24, 2008

Cheating on payment

Cheating on payment is a very common, old scenario in professional life. From bottom to top level you will see this problem. If management can see a person who doesn’t know their market value, management will try to pay as low as they can. And will give very low annual increment. No matter what international company it is.

In Bangladesh many poor people go abroad to work as a daily labor. From Bangladesh whatever told to be paid, reality wasn’t same. When they visit the work place they get to know their payment is less than half whatever was offered. But the people who went to work already paid enough to go abroad so they just can come back but join there.

Recently I got to know about another women’s story. When she was young she often comes to our house to clean backyard. Now she clean road of an area. Officially some one else is recruited who gets tk 6000 monthly. That person offer her to work for them and she is working instead of them unofficially and getting from them only tk 600. But still she is happy that at least she get something at the end of the month!
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