Saturday, November 29, 2008

Like to take food together?

Man likes to live socially. So they like to eat together with family members, colleagues, friends, lover etc. But is it always possible to maintain in Bangladesh? Or always good to maintain.

Some times I have seen in a friend circle if anyone feel hungry, can’t say that they need to take food now. If they say will take food, they had to invite all friends and pay alls bills. No one will come to help this poor guy.

In family it’s difficult to say for a bride that she is hungry and need to take food. She had to wait when her mother in law ask her to take food. Most of the times mother in law prefer her to take food as a last person of the family. First the boys, then children and other women and finally bride could eat what is left.

And also husband never likes to see that his bride taken food before him.

If will be better if Bangladeshis come out from this problem. That anyone can eat when they need to and no need to wait for others.
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