Friday, November 21, 2008

When people block roads

It’s became Bangladeshi’s tradition, whenever anything happen they block roads. This may happen for joy or to show sorrow or showing rights. People, who suffers for this road blocking they know, how much it makes trouble for the passer by.

I surprise to see then peoples who declare themselves as helper of general people politically then do this kind of thing mostly, like to show their demand, to welcome their leaders and for so many other reasons every now and then they block roads. Did they every thought if a pregnant woman needs to go to a hospital what she will do? If any one need any emergency help what will happen to that person? Coz of their blocking people looses hours from their working hour who will recover this wastage? If they really want peoples good they should make peoples live better not measurable. When they create government they should make fly over on every road crossing that no car needs to waste a single minute in traffic signal. No meeting, rally should make on road. In Bangladesh roads are very limited according to growing population; we can’t block roads for any reason.
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