Sunday, January 31, 2010

personal injury attorney

I was in school and watching football match between Mohamedan vs Abahoni and was very anxious about players injury. I said " footballers having very dangerous job because they had to injure every now and then". My father informed me... generally they do insurance for their legs and they have personal injury attorney. I really surprise to hear it. Now I know they have insurance for every parts of body and not only footballers, all players do same, mostly who are stars. At that time I was thinking how valuable their body is. I was wishing to do the same :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

You won't get, in return

When you care about others, don't think you will get it back, in return. Other wise you will be dishearten. Let me give you one example, when I was in job, I spend money to travel and visit new places with others. Now no body is there to take me any new place by their own cost. I had given treat to others but now no body wants to give me back. Thats the world, a real world.

Friday, January 22, 2010

When you need a dump folder

Programmers always need to create new files to update old one. And later they might need them back, to run the program. My suggestion is, always create a "dump" folder in every folder. So that you can keep all of your old files. So whenever you need them you can collect from there. Some editing tool keeps record of old file. But it won't keep all old files. And After completion of the work when you submit, can delete them.


Who want's any accident? The beautiful accident in your life is your marriage ceremony. Laughing? Well at least I believe about my marriage ceremony. First I hear this from a Bollywood Star (elder brother of Salman Khan) and I like his quote. He said about his marriage, "It's an accident and I don't want to remember it". Well this quote goes for me also.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Own personality

Generally people can't stay alone. But why? If you think logically you will find nothing wrong to be alone. But togetherness is fun or more productive. In some cases it's a big liability.

My son is now 1 year and one month old. Every day he is discovering something new in the world. I have seen, when he stays alone he gets afraid or he afraid to do new things some times. But if he see his cousin (8 years old boy) is doing the same thing, he loves to do that. Will he be always like that? Will I have to show someone who is doing the thing so Shafeen (my son) can try that also?

I had seen in my younger brother, who always become like his friend or partner. I am watching this from his childhood. He becomes good if his friend is like that. He become rough if his friend like that. He always should have strong personality of his own. May be he has but in many cases he follows others.

My husband always believe others word. Either it's wrong or right, he believes all. I wish Allah give him more strong personality to believe on himself.

Now I pray to Allah to make my son more brave to take initiative by himself, not only look at others.