Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Impact of bad and good words

We say bad word to other when we became angry, but we should control our selves. You know, the impact of good and bad words goes very long. Only one word can change someone's life. It's not cost anything to say a nice word. But it is the sweetest thing that you can give to anybody at any time, with out any cost. To say a good word you don't need to love that person, but that person may start loving at you. And a bad word can ruin a day or life of a person. It won't give you any benefit, but will cost a lot to other. Why people take revenges by saying bad words? Only to feel better? Does it take you any better position? If other fall in problem, it wont help you to go better situation. If you don't take any revenge it may take you better place. Think about it.

Friday, March 5, 2010

plastic surgery

When I was child, I thought any person can be look like other person if they do plastic surgery. Well then I read and article of an Michel Jackson's fan. He tried to become like Michel Jackson and he had done several plastic surgery and still he isn't fully look like him. I understood, that's the reality. In some Hindi films I have also seen they had shown some persons make plastic surgery and become same. Hmm thats funny. I have heard most of the film starts do plastic surgery. In an interview Katrina Kaif said, "if plastic surgery makes people looks good, then why not". I agreed. Though I never want for myself.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Flow chart for project status

When you start planning about a software/web development you need to show and admit from the client and then inform about your plan to the developers. The easy way is a flow chart. That means you can show what are the pages of window coming one after another in your project. Here is an example:

Flow chart for project status

There will two kind of admin.
1. admin
Admin will have full control to add, edit and delete any kind of information.

2. developer
Developers will be able to view all tasks and will be able to add, edit of their own assigned tasks.

For Admin User

Main admin page
| -> Add new developer -> Add developer
| -> View/edit developer info/task -> List of developer -> View developer info -> Edit developer info
| -> Delete developer -> List of developer -> Delete developer info
| -> Add new client -> Add client form
| -> View/edit client info -> List of client -> View client info -> Edit client info
| -> Delete client -> List of client -> View client info -> Edit client info
| -> Delete client -> List of client -> Delete client info
| -> Add new project -> Add project form
| -> View/edit project -> List of project -> View project info -> Edit project info
| -> Delete project -> List of project -> Delete project info
| -> Add new task -> Add task form
| -> View/edit task info -> List of task -> View task info -> Edit task info
| -> Delete task -> List of task -> Delete task info
| -> Create new user -> Add new user form
| -> Change password -> Change password form
| -> Send mail
| -> Archive
For Developer
Developer’s main page0
| -> Project list -> Task list -> Task details -> Edit task form -> Update task
| -> Developer’s info -> Developer’s info edits form -> Update developer’s info
| -> Change Developer’s password form -> Update developer’s password
| -> Send mail
| -> Archive