Friday, May 7, 2010

Natok sharany or Baily road with two big open dustbin

We all know about Natak Sharany (old Baily road). This road is famous for Viqarunnina college, Drama stage, Sharee's and also Food. Like Helvitia, Boomers, KFC, BFC etc. People of all ages come here and enjoy. If you enter from Officers club then you will see first Viqarunnina college then others. And if you enter from Shantinagar (most people had to do so) first you will see two big open dustbin with huge amount of spoil materials which stings. Which are not only in the dustbin but also on roads and footpaths. Then will see all luxury food courts.

Now a day when every area people manage take all dirt by community cleaners, why this area is in this condition?
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