Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Asking to the honest business men

I can't believe that there is no honest business man left. Though I don't know anyone like that. But I am  requesting them from my heart that please do food or food related business in Bangladesh. 

I don't know what to say about Bangladeshi food condition, most of the people who are in this business doesn't care for anything (child, women, old or none) but only money. They don't care what kind of things they are giving to the people instead of food. This could be fabric color, rotted things, serious chemicals or anything. From streat food to high standard restaurant. You can't trust anybody. Me and my family got sick after taking food from Helvetian and Pizza hut. I couldn't give my son Muri from Dhaka, because he falls in sick. Then we had to collect them from Rajbari. Everyday in newspaper there are plenty of examples that food condition is very poor.

Now what to do. We can't live without taking food. That's why I am requesting to the honest people to do business with food.
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