Saturday, October 30, 2010


In my office pc and at home I use to use lots of wallpaper. This is one of them. Now I am using windows 7 starter. Where I can't use any wall paper :(

Friday, October 29, 2010

Talk to unknown person

Before I meet with my husband, I use to talk with totally unknown person, when I became upset. I never add then neither let them to add me in their friends list. I discussed with them about my problem freely because I knew they don't know me so can't harm anyway. I also gave them good suggestion (I think so). Its good. As they don't know me, nothing could bias them to help me to take decision. Most of them had very good personality. I wish them all the best.

When Faisal become my boy friend, he took that place, for every problem (except those, which are from his family) he helped me.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


It happens with me, when I see anything again and again, it comes to my life. Like before working in Gulshan I had to go there again and again for several reason, then in some places I saw the name Gulshan. On that time, in my mind I knew, some is going to happen with name of Gulshan. And I had got a job over there.

Now, problem is for few days I am listening, watching and hearing about "death". May Allah help me, I don't wanted to be dishearten for any death.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Flower day

I love flowers. When I first get chance browse internet, I use to download pictures of flowers. In my mind I always want flowers, specially red roses with my gifts from the people who really care about me (I don't know weather I have any or not). My birthday is in February, almost at the beginning of the year. After joining office I found my birthday comes first among my colleagues. I was one of the first employee of that office. My colleagues made my birthday as a flower day. Our trainers brought big flowers bouquet, another colleague brought another bouquet, one brought yellow roses, one stole flower to give me and many people brought different flowers. At the end of the day I couldn't take all flowers to my home alone. One helped me to carry. And for one week our drawing room was covered by those flowers. In the office when I meet my husband for first time, he also brought bouquet for me (as a friend) and others gave flowers. In every office I had worked, all enjoyed my first birthday on that office by flowers. They really make my day flower day.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cooking food

When I was a student, I didn't like to cook food. It was pleasure to eat food not cooking. Well I always love to eat food. Who doesn't? After starting my own home with my son I started cooking food. And I found it's really fun! Anything you want to eat, just cook it. It's pleasure, whenever I think to cook food, start feeling good. I love to eat and cook. Then I thought why I didn't like to cook before? 

There are few big reason. In our country people don't give any honor which women cook food at home. People use to eat and enjoy and relax at home and don't want to give any help to the women who is cooking. Here she has to cook every meal from scratch everyday. She doesn't have any time for her or for her baby. Even if people found any mistake at food they became very rude to her. Her life like second citizen. No body is going to help her but everyone will take benefit of her work.

The place of cooking, is more poor than any room of the house. That is small, dirty, poor lighting system, unhealthy. But most of the time women has to stay there.

And another reason is my mother doesn't like to cook, so watching her face, automatically I started hating cooking.

And it's good to cook for myself but not for 100 people. That is big work, and need more hand in kitchen which is not available.

When any couple cook both at the same time, they will found it fun, pleasure and romantic. If one cook and another watch TV then it's bitter. So enjoy cooking and enjoy both.

Monday, October 11, 2010

motorcycle accident

When I was a student I heard from my friend's parents that they don't allow them to ride motorcycle. I didn't know why, or couldn't understand. Why people always force to wear helmet who rides motorcycle. My father also had motorcycle. He sometimes gave me lift to my educational institute. Sometimes he took us to show lightening on special festivals. So I had experience on motorcycle and never had any accident. Though my father had.

Actually people never understands until they face the problem by themselves. After grown up, now I understand why people afraid of motorcycle. I have a son too and I don't want to see him facing accident over motorcycle. But if he insist then I will allow him to ride it. Well I have enough time to think about it. Now he is only 1 year and 10 months old. Whenever he see any motorcycle, he says "kokorkykik" :) and I hope he will be safe from his kokorkykik accident.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Old age mouse

Every day new technology are introducing in computing and old things are becoming garbage. Check this mouse, after few days no body will recognize it. This is the pic which I used in my "Apply Online Form"  in the "somewhere in..." website.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I can't resist this temperature anymore

I can't resist this temperature anymore. I can't breath properly. I need an AC.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Search domain name

Search domain name, this is something that every person did by their name or company name who serfs net. I did also. And most of the time I get what I want. May be I am little bit different then most other people