Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Flower day

I love flowers. When I first get chance browse internet, I use to download pictures of flowers. In my mind I always want flowers, specially red roses with my gifts from the people who really care about me (I don't know weather I have any or not). My birthday is in February, almost at the beginning of the year. After joining office I found my birthday comes first among my colleagues. I was one of the first employee of that office. My colleagues made my birthday as a flower day. Our trainers brought big flowers bouquet, another colleague brought another bouquet, one brought yellow roses, one stole flower to give me and many people brought different flowers. At the end of the day I couldn't take all flowers to my home alone. One helped me to carry. And for one week our drawing room was covered by those flowers. In the office when I meet my husband for first time, he also brought bouquet for me (as a friend) and others gave flowers. In every office I had worked, all enjoyed my first birthday on that office by flowers. They really make my day flower day.
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