Sunday, November 28, 2010

All facilities to other district

You can't imagine how population is booming up in Dhaka, Bangladesh. If you just look around, you won’t find any single place where no person is gathering. And day by day it’s increasing. Now question is why. Most facilities a person can have are in Dhaka. And in some cases people had to come to Dhaka to do their work. And this is became a tradition too. If you have money, can afford to live Dhaka, will come and start living over here. All best school, college and university are in Dhaka. 

We should change these trends. We should build all government offices to all main districts in Bangladesh so that people won’t be bound to go to Dhaka to do their work. And all work should be able to do online so that they can use internet and make their work online from home.
Internet connection should be cheaper.
All kind of living facilities should be providing in all major district.
Communication by roads, rail or plane should increase and make it cheap and good quality.
Big shopping malls should create.
Make more facilities in travel spots and make communication infrastructure easier with good advertisement.
And mostly urban area should be built by good urban planning.

And above all we should upgrade life standard of other districts. Roads, electricity, water, gas etc should be available.
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