Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sample Project proposal for OFA

Once upon a time, I made this project proposal for OFA. Please have a look.


  1. Introduction
  2. Site Map
  3. Site Details
xyz company is committed to provide cutting edge business solutions to manage the explosion of data in the expanding global community. The company endeavors to exceed its clients' expectations of competence, performance, delivery schedule and value for money, such that they take pride in ownership of xyz’s products and the company becomes their 'Natural Choice' for repeat business.
Old Faujians Association (OFA) is an alumni organization of an alumni organization of ex-cadets of Faujdarhat Cadet Collage. The objective of building this site is to provide the opportunity to all Old and New Faujians to bond with each other. 

Home Page:
Here viewer will have two options to view the site, With Flash and Without Flash. So, there will be two home pages. One is with flash and another is without flash. There are some links in the home page. Like:
  1. Our Founder
There will be a flash animated picture of William Maurice Brown (1910 - 1975) and a short description about his life and his work.
  1. Birth Day Wish
  2. About us
    1. Constitution
    2. Record Book
    3. Landmark event
    4. Central Governing Body
    5. Dhaka Chapter
    6. Chittagong Chapter
    7. North America Chapter
  3. About FCC
    1. Principals
    2. Location
                         i.      World’s Map
1.      Bangadesh’s Map
a.       City Map
                                                                  i.      Area Map
    1. Virtual Tour
    2. Activities
    3. Admission
  1. Contact Us
    1. Central Governing Body
                                                              i.      Email Compose Form
    1. Dhaka Chapter
                                                              i.      Email Compose Form
    1. Chittagong Chapter
                                                              i.      Email Compose Form
    1. North America Chapter
                                                              i.      Email Compose Form
  1. Photo Gallery
    1. Reunion 1993
                                                              i.      Email Compose Form
    1. Reunion 1998
                                                              i.      Email Compose Form
    1. Free Friday Clinic
                                                              i.      Email Compose Form
    1. Convention & Election 2004
                                                              i.      Email Compose Form
  1. Newsletter
    1. List of Newsletter
                                                              i.      Newsletter
    1. Search Newsletter
    2. Calendar of  events
    3. Account’s login
                                i.      Admin
1.      Add account info
2.      View account info
                                                            ii.      User
                           1.      View account info
    1. Directory
                              i.      List of Batches
1.      Individual batch list
a.       Detail member info
                              ii.      Update profile
                              iii.      New member
1.      Member form
                              iv.      Search member
1.      Search list
a.       Detail member info
  1. Career Center
    1. Job openings
                              i.      List of job
                              ii.      Post a job
    1. Resume banks
  1. OFA Award
  2. Get an email address
  3. Check mail
  4. Contribute to OFA
  5. Opinion poll
  6. Latest news
  7. Ticker with logos

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