Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Brick game

I like brick game. When I was a student I use to play a lot. But my elder sister was number one to play all kind of brick game then younger sis Sonia.

In my elder sister's son's (Tameem) birthday his second uncle gave him a brick game. He liked it and some time both he and his mom plays. My son Shafeen (2 years old) liked that staff too. He can't play but he knows if he presses buttons it plays music! So, two cousin bro start fighting. My dad (Shafeen's grand pa) gave Shafeen a brick game too to stop two brothers fighting.

Now Shafeen plays his brick game at home and when he went to his grand pa's house he plays Tameem's one too. Tameen couldn't find any way to stop him, though he always afraid that Shafeen will break his one.

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