Sunday, December 5, 2010

Did you see any smooth road in Dhaka?

We, the inhabitant of Dhaka, Bangladesh forgot or never seen what is smooth road. In ancient time we use to use cow pulled or horse pulled transport over mud or field. You can imagine how smooth those roads were. May be that became our tradition. Now people even don't expect a good road anywhere. The only time they can realize how poor the roads are when they became sick or pregnant. Big jerking reminds them how our roads are. 

When I was pregnant, I couldn't think to go outside only because of the roads. But to go to doctor and for other necessary things I had to. Those were terrible experience. My father is a patient of kidney problem. Even he is suffering from the roads. Generally he doesn't take rickshaw for this problem; he tries to take CNG auto rickshaw where sits are better to resolve jerking problems.
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