Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kitchen were in fire

For few days I am having bad dreams, not only nights, at day if I fall asleep bad dreams are coming. In real life some accidents are also happening. Today we got save by the blessings of Allah. Otherwise we might got burn in fire.

In the morning I smell something is burning. I tried to find out from where then I guessed it was from my IPS. Now what can I do for it. In the mean time my elder sister's son Tameem also told her mom that something is burning. And again she thought it was from her IPS, so the close that.

After some period I went to the kitchen and found the kitchen towel was burning and by that time it turned into ashes. Fire was on coz I gave water to boil and water was still boiling. Somehow that fire didn't spread out to others cloths or burn materials. The burning smell were coming to my room from front door, IPS stands right beside that.

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