Thursday, December 30, 2010

Price different in different shopping places

Shafeen at Bashundhara city shopping complex

In our country (Bangladesh) main shopping malls are Agora, PQS, Almas, Nandan, Shapno. There is big price difference between each shopping mall. In some places some products are good. Agora has the most different things in there shopping center and takes most high price. Why? This company has other big brand products, so having great success in profit, why they need to make their product in too high price. Almas is well known for cosmetics products. I like Nandan, because they took fewer prices than others and have good manners and good customer caring, means only they and sometimes pqs people help to carry sold products to the transport to their clients destination. Shapno has most centers, but you will find dust on many products and they have fewer varieties of products. And the products are good.
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