Monday, January 31, 2011

Most of the low income women faced problem with their husband

Poor Shafeen

This is became the most common scenario of Bangladesh that most of the low income women (mostly home maid or daily worker) faced problem with their husband. In more cases these husbands don't income or if they earns, don't give a single poisha (Bangladeshi currency) to the family but take all the money from the family what they earned. Some has more than one wife (to income or get money by hook or cook). They go each wife after some time to collect money and also to give birth of children. In future who will earn and then their father will take all.

I think for these women bank should have some account which can be started from a very low amount, so that they can save some money over there which their husband or unwanted person can't touch. When needed they can take from bank.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Computer cover


When we first buy desktop PC we all get some plastic cover. I have used those until those were usable. Then my mom brought me a TV cover for monitor. I start using that, as you can see in the picture. Now I lost that too. Finally my computer has no cover and staying open in dust.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

How can I get rid of my tensions


My doctor told me to make my self tension free. And stay away from shoking things. Good, now how can I get rid from my tensions. I am trying hard to make myself happy. Tried to contact with old friends. Who make me feel good without doing anything. But you know, time changed. Now they don’t have time for me I guess. But anyway, I am trying to solve all of my problem by myself, as much as I can. Rest, Allah knows.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Dastarkhan, this restaurant may not available now

We came at Dastarkhan

We started choosing food

Waiting for food

They started serving foods with orange color dress

All are busy with foods

I started a tradition in office, that after getting salary we all take lunch together and pay our own bill. It became a great day of get together every month. Every time we tried to go to a new restaurant. One day we went to a Bangla food restaurant named "Dasterkhan" at Gulshan 2. This restaurant may not available now.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Government giving punishment to whom that is paying bills

Shafeen thinking

I think government is giving punishment those people who are paying bills. We know our country (Bangladesh) is in great system loss in collecting gas and electricity bills. To recover this problem government is increasing bills. So, people who are paying bill have to pay more extra bill. And those culprits who don't pay any bill, weather it increase or not they won’t pay.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011 (International) (not available now)

my work "Dealersforyou" (International) (not available now)
Languages and Database: Asp, Java Script and MS Access.
Tools: Editplus, Dreamweaver
Role: Create 3 kind of advance search engine. This will show first search list then details search results. And also create the control of this site for both management and dealers to control all information of this site.
Description: This is a site for dealers, agents etc of USA.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Bangladesh International Trade Fair 2011

me holding Shafeen
Day before yesterday we went to Bangladesh international trade fair 2011 like all previous years. And we face the same problem like other year's fair and like all of the people. It's true that every year systems are improving. But there are still some more things need to be done.

It's a huge fair people wants to buy many things, and major problem is how to carry. When you buy something and that makes your hand full, now you can't look for more or walk for more. Then how can you explore more? Most of the people who go there face this problem. This is also not good for the people who are sitting with goods. 

I think this fair should provide shopping cart or something like that. Or can make a counter where people can drop things and can take away when they want to go home. 

We face this same kind of problem in Basundhora city shopping mall.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Never get paid for this work

I worked for this company to make a program in ASP. I did as Mr. Binu told to work at home and ensure that I am selected for their company. After resigning from my old company I went to this company and get to know that Mr. Binu already left from there and they don't know me!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Food isn't pure

Me and Shafeen eating at the airport restaurant at Dhaka Airport

In Bangladesh, especially in Dhaka, it is very difficult or impossible to eat food which is pure. Business men or their workers don’t hesitate to mix with different kind of things with it. Like color of cloths, iron, brick, stone, Poisson, chemicals, dusts, rotate things etc. They don't care if people live or die, only to sale and make profit of it. Some times company owner even doesn’t know that their workers are buying cheap things and using main company’s package to sell products. Now what will you eat? These kinds of people don’t care for children or sick people. They do this with medicine and baby foods too.

What happen if they got caught? I think these things are slow poisoning to human being to kill them. Our law should make stronger to stop this attitude. They should not respect these people’s money. If you bring them to hand over they will realize what kind of sin they are doing and will stop.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bactel, Bangladeshi branch

Bactel, designed by me

I designed this site for Bactel, Bangladeshi branch. You can see the design quality ;) It wasn't granted by our boss :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Any service at Bangladesh

Shafeen cleaning

In business Bangladeshi's are doing well day by day. But there is one thing where we can't see much improvement. That is service. When they start any business or service, first everything goes well, then little problem, than huge problem. Let me show you my current harassment

In Dhaka city we have community cleaning system. Everyday a cleaner came door to door to pick up dustbin's dirt and carried away. First, the system looked very nice. No need to find a big city corporation dustbin to throw dust. But after few months, they start coming once in 2/3 days. That not good but people accepted that. 

Now they come once in a week. That means only 4 times in a month. But charge is taken same. It's very difficult to keep all dirty things especially kitchen dirt’s at home for a week. If you process fish then situation becomes terrible. Now we don't have city corporation dustbin to throw dirty things by ourselves and no cleaning service. Now what should we do? Some people start throwing things from window to outside. Which making the environment more polluted. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My very first web site

When I was getting training on web developing, we all created our very first website on a free web hosting site. You can see how poor condition it has now. I had used two JavaScript code over here. One, if you put your cursor on any text it will change color and another one is if you put your cursor on the flower it will show little bigger (like Google image list). And I use Adobe Image Ready to make "Hello" effect. :) Unfortunately the link page isn't working now. Here is the link

Monday, January 17, 2011

Gifts which I never threw out


I love to get gifts. And if that comes from the beloved person, I will feel I am flying in the sky. I never give my gift to another person or throughout. Even I like it or not useful for me. I respect the gift, who ever given me it has a great value in my life. 
When Faisal gave me his first gift in our first date, it became a piece of hurt of mine. I even didn't throughout the rapper and small paper packet of it. I wish all feels same for my gift too.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Some slogans for all office

My husband Faisal created some slogan for offices. You can see above. Those are needed for every office. Or common places.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Yesterday was Diya’s mukhe vaat ceremony

Diya is taking food except milk for the first time

Shekha (my youngest sister) suddenly thought, today is Friday, so why don't we arrange this ceremony. My mom made payesh and Dad went to the mosque for prayer and invite Imam and Muyazzin for this ceremony. In the mean time Diya (Shekha's daughter) gets ready. She wears new dress (Which is given by Sonia, my younger sis), new shocks, tip, wristlets, chain etc. She looks like a pretty doll.

At 4.30 Imam and Muyazzin came and they then took Diya on their lap and give a spoon full of Payesh. And Diya ate it! For the first time, she eats some food from outside. They also pray for her good future. Then her grandfather, my dad also gave a spoon she ate that too. But she was very afraid being the new people and start crying. So we stopped giving food and she went back to her dad (Shekha's husband). 

Then we all have some snacks and our small ceremony completed.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Plants were on my desk

Me were in front of my desk

somewhere in... started their office with 3 developers. I was one of them, or for more information I was the first employee of somewhere in... After joining one day Jana (one of the owner of the company) brought 3 plants in ceramic pots for 3 of us. She mentioned that these gifts came from his brother. You know a plant can change the whole room's decoration. These did too. I took very good care of my one, I gave water, and sometimes tea leaves as fertilizer. One day I found one pot was broken. I went to International trade fair and search and buy another one. My plants grow rapidly than others. One day I found someone drop their plant at bathroom. I took that too and put it on my desk. You can see in the picture.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Its difficult to take balanced food always

I always try to make balanced food. At least at 2 times meal (lunch and dinner). Like I try to give rice or roty (carbohydrate), meat or fish or egg (protein), vegetables (vitamins) and pieces (dal) at one meal. It's become difficult if I feel little sick then can't manage to make then properly. Like today I took rice with green pea and pomfret fish curry (dopeyaja). Next I will cook vegetable curry and masala hotchpotch.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Quick training to go to Norway

From left Arild, me, Deborah, Didar bro, designer bro, Misho bro, Zana

Before sending the first team to Norway, somewhere in… arrange a small workshop to introduce Norway culture to the tropical land’s people. That were one of the great time that we all enjoyed. Arild showed some video’s on Norway, small briefing, some quick quiz and demonstration about skiing. Then again Arild held a competition to about skiing. In the picture you can see how funny it was for us. 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Some training needs Bangladeshis

Shafeen 5 months old

There are some points where Bangladeshis are great and there are some points also where we need to upgrade ourselves. Let’s discuss

a) I believe from very rural stage people need to train up about using toilet. In villages people use to go near field, plants or near house where they throws dusts or open places. In towns they do over drain, footpath or don’t use properly the toilets over common places like hospital, stations, market places. It’s very rear that you will find a clean toilet in common places.

We can give training from primary schools, through books. Health institutions can go to house to house to check and give advice. Some slogans can be placed in common places to grow up awareness.

b) Proper behave to the ladies. I have seen whenever this people go; they never miss a single chance to touch a woman’s body. Let me explain, if they pass over the footpath or bus or market places, boys intention is to touch them. They didn’t stop this attitude after marry too. When I traveled outside the country I never face this attitude unless I met a Bangladeshi. They do the same in other country too.

 Again we have to train up people from the child, especially, when children’s start going to the school. They should respect mom, aunty, maid who ever they see at their home. And then also women on the street could be shopkeeper or just passerby. They have to give them space. Talk gently and treat like a lady.

c) Urbanize peoples mind. I have seen people in villages who throws every dirty or not use things everywhere. Not a big problem in village. What happens in urban area? People drops cans, package, tissues on roads, bus, market places, home through window. In hostels people through their kitchen dirty things on basin.  They don’t hesitate to through water from window.

We have to teach people and awareness to use dustbins, proper cleanness at home, and proper urban behavior.

I am not saying everyone is like that, but many people seem 80% are like that.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Chinese food

From left Ruhina, Ratna, Sonia (my younger sis), Shekha (my youngest sis), Zeba, me. My elder sis was talking the pic.

Before this fast food trends came. We looked for Chinese food when we wanted to eat something different than Bangladeshi food. This picture had been taken when we were in Dhaka University. We all 4 sisters use to take food together outside some times. My elder sis suggested that if my friends also join then we can take Chinese food. And my friends are also agree to join us. We went Tungking Chinese restaurant at Kataban, Dhaka, Bangladesh.  Here I must say, this restaurant’s vegetable soup is very delicious.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Some times what you see is not true

Shafeen 5 months old

Generally people rely what they see. When any conflict situation came they rely what they saw. And the truth is sometimes what you see isn't the whole true, people might make drama to let you see, what they want you to see and made your mind as they wanted too.

For example, may be some day you go to home after office and see your mom, sis and your younger brother's wife are working in the kitchen. You can feel good all are working together. But let me show you the real scene. When the door bell rang, your younger brother’s wife was working in the kitchen and your mom and sis were watching TV. As soon as they hear you are coming they ran into the kitchen and moving things to make it look like they were working not relaxing.

Again let me show you some more pictures. Whenever you come home, you see your mother is holding your brother’s son. And you sis is with her. Your brother's wife is working somewhere else. When you see this every day it will come up in your mind that your brother’s son always kept by your mom and sis.

Now again, this is not the real picture. Every afternoon when your arrival time comes near, your mother took your brother's son and keeps him with her, and as usual your sis stays with them. If any day you call and tell them that today you are not coming home early, then they put your brother’s son again to his mom. And when you come your sis sit with your brother's son after opening the door to make it look like she was always with the child.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mithu bro's reception party

Me at Mithu bro's reception party
This picture has been taken when we were in Dhaka University. When this picture had been taken, except the bride we all were unmarried. Now? All are married. And some of us have next generation too.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Medical test

Shafeen at 4 months old got fever

When we go to a doctor some times they send us for medical testings and in most cases they don't mention what kind of test it is. Is it a urine test, blood test or else. Even they don't mention weather you have to go with empty stomach or with full urine pressure. So in the morning when you take breakfast then go to the lab, they will say you have to come again with empty stomach or take more and more water for pee etc.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My husband in college

Faisal at his old pic

Faisal, I updated the pic a bit

I meet with my husband at workplace. He came to our office for interview, because I was looking form some web designer. I took his interview. I like his work. On that time he was good in flash than Photoshop. I didn't care how he looks (neither now). Though all always says that he is a good looking person. Whenever I meet any person I don't care much on how they look, I care how good human being they are. Anyway then our story starts. In this picture you can see how my husband were look like on that time. :) I updated a bit in second one with Photoshop.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Pure honey

Shafeen taking food by himself

In Bangladesh, almost in every area honey produced. I have heard in Faridpur area there are honey plantation/ bee plantation. In the mangrove forest Sundarban (world's biggest mangrove forest) also is a big source honey supply. Still in Dhaka we search for pure honey. Fraud business man sales honey everywhere. This doesn’t have a single drop of honey.
My elder sis also buy honey for her son Tameem. One day Sonia's (my younger sis) husband taste that honey and he said its real (he is a doctor too). This honey came from Australia. This is available in shopping mall.

I was looking for good honey for my child (2 years old). Every day I gave him a mixer which is 1 teaspoon of honey and few drop ginger juice. It really works in cold.  so I buy honey which came from Australia. Its quality good and works for health. See because of bad business man’s I had to buy foreign honey for my child's health. I gave local honey previously, which made my child's stomach upset. 

Sunday, January 2, 2011


me at Novo Theater

Me and Shafeen at Kolkata Birla Planetarium

I have seen planetarium or demonstration on stars in 3 places. They are Science Museum at Dhaka, Bangladesh, Novo Theater at Dhaka Bangladesh and Kolkata Birla Planetarium India.

When I was in school, we all student (I think class 5) went to Science museum.  Our math teacher took initiative. To see stars we all sit under a big umbrella one person demonstrate about the stars. Among 3 places this demonstration was the best.

After joining a job, I went Novo Theater. The outer and inner decoration is the best from all planetariums. And I could also view and about Grand Canyon from here. I have heard now they changed this video.

Few days ago I and my family went to Kolkata Birla planetarium. This is smaller than Novo Theater. Decoration is nice. But it has a big problem. If you sit at the east side of the gallery, you will miss all pictures that are shown during demonstration. Because the big machine stands at the middle and all pictures are shown at the west side. Here they start the story from sunset to sun rise. When they made the environment like midnight, my son (Shafeen, 2 years old) fall in deep sleep.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy new year

Shafeen talking over cell phone

Happy new year to you all. Have a perfect life. This is the very first day of a new year. I am planning to send sms to my friends and family. Or will talk.