Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Any service at Bangladesh

Shafeen cleaning

In business Bangladeshi's are doing well day by day. But there is one thing where we can't see much improvement. That is service. When they start any business or service, first everything goes well, then little problem, than huge problem. Let me show you my current harassment

In Dhaka city we have community cleaning system. Everyday a cleaner came door to door to pick up dustbin's dirt and carried away. First, the system looked very nice. No need to find a big city corporation dustbin to throw dust. But after few months, they start coming once in 2/3 days. That not good but people accepted that. 

Now they come once in a week. That means only 4 times in a month. But charge is taken same. It's very difficult to keep all dirty things especially kitchen dirt’s at home for a week. If you process fish then situation becomes terrible. Now we don't have city corporation dustbin to throw dirty things by ourselves and no cleaning service. Now what should we do? Some people start throwing things from window to outside. Which making the environment more polluted. 

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