Monday, January 3, 2011

Pure honey

Shafeen taking food by himself

In Bangladesh, almost in every area honey produced. I have heard in Faridpur area there are honey plantation/ bee plantation. In the mangrove forest Sundarban (world's biggest mangrove forest) also is a big source honey supply. Still in Dhaka we search for pure honey. Fraud business man sales honey everywhere. This doesn’t have a single drop of honey.
My elder sis also buy honey for her son Tameem. One day Sonia's (my younger sis) husband taste that honey and he said its real (he is a doctor too). This honey came from Australia. This is available in shopping mall.

I was looking for good honey for my child (2 years old). Every day I gave him a mixer which is 1 teaspoon of honey and few drop ginger juice. It really works in cold.  so I buy honey which came from Australia. Its quality good and works for health. See because of bad business man’s I had to buy foreign honey for my child's health. I gave local honey previously, which made my child's stomach upset. 

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