Friday, January 7, 2011

Some times what you see is not true

Shafeen 5 months old

Generally people rely what they see. When any conflict situation came they rely what they saw. And the truth is sometimes what you see isn't the whole true, people might make drama to let you see, what they want you to see and made your mind as they wanted too.

For example, may be some day you go to home after office and see your mom, sis and your younger brother's wife are working in the kitchen. You can feel good all are working together. But let me show you the real scene. When the door bell rang, your younger brother’s wife was working in the kitchen and your mom and sis were watching TV. As soon as they hear you are coming they ran into the kitchen and moving things to make it look like they were working not relaxing.

Again let me show you some more pictures. Whenever you come home, you see your mother is holding your brother’s son. And you sis is with her. Your brother's wife is working somewhere else. When you see this every day it will come up in your mind that your brother’s son always kept by your mom and sis.

Now again, this is not the real picture. Every afternoon when your arrival time comes near, your mother took your brother's son and keeps him with her, and as usual your sis stays with them. If any day you call and tell them that today you are not coming home early, then they put your brother’s son again to his mom. And when you come your sis sit with your brother's son after opening the door to make it look like she was always with the child.

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