Monday, January 10, 2011

Some training needs Bangladeshis

Shafeen 5 months old

There are some points where Bangladeshis are great and there are some points also where we need to upgrade ourselves. Let’s discuss

a) I believe from very rural stage people need to train up about using toilet. In villages people use to go near field, plants or near house where they throws dusts or open places. In towns they do over drain, footpath or don’t use properly the toilets over common places like hospital, stations, market places. It’s very rear that you will find a clean toilet in common places.

We can give training from primary schools, through books. Health institutions can go to house to house to check and give advice. Some slogans can be placed in common places to grow up awareness.

b) Proper behave to the ladies. I have seen whenever this people go; they never miss a single chance to touch a woman’s body. Let me explain, if they pass over the footpath or bus or market places, boys intention is to touch them. They didn’t stop this attitude after marry too. When I traveled outside the country I never face this attitude unless I met a Bangladeshi. They do the same in other country too.

 Again we have to train up people from the child, especially, when children’s start going to the school. They should respect mom, aunty, maid who ever they see at their home. And then also women on the street could be shopkeeper or just passerby. They have to give them space. Talk gently and treat like a lady.

c) Urbanize peoples mind. I have seen people in villages who throws every dirty or not use things everywhere. Not a big problem in village. What happens in urban area? People drops cans, package, tissues on roads, bus, market places, home through window. In hostels people through their kitchen dirty things on basin.  They don’t hesitate to through water from window.

We have to teach people and awareness to use dustbins, proper cleanness at home, and proper urban behavior.

I am not saying everyone is like that, but many people seem 80% are like that.
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