Saturday, January 15, 2011

Yesterday was Diya’s mukhe vaat ceremony

Diya is taking food except milk for the first time

Shekha (my youngest sister) suddenly thought, today is Friday, so why don't we arrange this ceremony. My mom made payesh and Dad went to the mosque for prayer and invite Imam and Muyazzin for this ceremony. In the mean time Diya (Shekha's daughter) gets ready. She wears new dress (Which is given by Sonia, my younger sis), new shocks, tip, wristlets, chain etc. She looks like a pretty doll.

At 4.30 Imam and Muyazzin came and they then took Diya on their lap and give a spoon full of Payesh. And Diya ate it! For the first time, she eats some food from outside. They also pray for her good future. Then her grandfather, my dad also gave a spoon she ate that too. But she was very afraid being the new people and start crying. So we stopped giving food and she went back to her dad (Shekha's husband). 

Then we all have some snacks and our small ceremony completed.
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