Monday, February 28, 2011

Software fare

Faisal and me at 2005 software fare

Usually we went to software fare every year. But this year we were too busy and forget to visit the fare. When we remember, it was too late. Not feeling good for this missing.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Leader ? Or follower?


There are two types of people lives in this world, leaders or the rest, followers. Here I am just talking about us. I never follow any other person in this world. I have seen many follows me. Inside me I am a leader. My son is growing now. He is just 2 years old boy. I have seen many times; when he plays with other children, he just not follows others, but he plays in his own way and many times others follow him. I guess he is a leader inside himself. I like it.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Asif bro is taking seminar, deborah and I were listening with others

Regularly we use to (Actually I was responsible) arrange a seminar to share knowledge with each other inside the company. Sometimes these were very interesting, sometimes gone over the head. But we try our best to improve the company and their employees. These kind of small small events give the energy to work better and think better. Sometimes it helps individual to improve themselves while the prepare for a seminar 

Friday, February 25, 2011

Too much celebration is boring

My 33rd birhtday with Diya (my youngest sister's daughter), Shafeen (my son)  and Tameem (my elder sister's son)

When too much celebration or functions comes on our way, we can't celebrate or enjoy much. Like at 13th February 1st day of Bangla spring month, then 14th Valentine’s Day, 21st international language day, 23rd my birthday etc. It's difficult to enjoy or celebrate all.  Some times in TV we see every week there are 1 or 2 award functions. And these are big TV show and time consuming. So, how can you enjoy all?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Befor we start for Sonargaon

From right I am sitting at third  possition.

Sonargaon is an ancient city of Bangladesh. During Mughul period this was the capital of Bangladesh region. If you now you can see many old/ancient buildings over there. There are a museum also over there.

When I was a student of geography & environment department of Dhaka Unversity, I decided to visit Sonargaon with my friends. I discussed with them and they had arranged all.

One weekend we all get together at Geography & Environment Department and start for Sonargaon. This picture had been taken before we start for Sonargaon at Law Department ground floor of Annex building.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

After some day I could see my blog

Me, Shafeen and Tameem (standing behind) at Shafeen's first birthday
Last few days, I was struggling to see this blog. But couldn't. I don't know why. May be for poor net connection. Or traffic were high so I couldn't visit this blog ;) . Today is a very special day for me. See something special happened. I could visit my blog and post. Happy birthday to me.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Buriganga river tour

Me and Tuheen on the deck

Tuheen and me watching functions

From left Tuheen, Shekha (my youngest sister), me and Shekha's friend

When my younger sister were in Pionior Dental College they arranged a tour on Buriganga river. It was a day long tour. Guest were allowed. So, me and my friend Tuheen (ex-colleague) went with her. We really enjoy the tour, food, functions, raffle draw (as usual I didn’t get any).

Friday, February 11, 2011

Malaika Arora Khan needs Farah Khan

Shafeen with mom's cloth

I have seen Malaika Arora Khan dancing item songs in different films. According to me, she gave her best at "Chhaiya Chhaiya" and "Munni Badnam Hui". Both had been directed by Farah Khan. I believe only Farah Khan can utilize her quality best. I like to suggest Malaika that she should work with Farah more.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I put mehedi at my engagement day

Mehedi (henna) design on my hand

This picture has been taken at my engagement day. I was showing design of henna on my hand. The sharee I wear is given by Faisal, he choose it. the golden color bangles are also given by him, I choose that. I was sitting on my sisters’ bed, the check bed sheet I brought from cox's bazar from Barmeej market :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Everyday I open

Shafeen designing with color

Everyday I open to see if they introduce any new design or not. I like their logo changing according to the current circumstances they change their logo. In the same time I wish they should change the google image page logo too.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

When we were 6

Our family member was with 7 members. Our parent, 4 sis and 1 bro. After marriage my elder sister went to her in law family house. And we became 6 at home. One day we took that family picture.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Net connection is to slow

Shafeen and Tameem

I was using windows 7, but it didn't support my printer and scanner. So, I had to start again windows XP. But here net connection is too slow. Even some time I can't access this blog. Don't know what to do.

Now a day government reduce net price, then why don't operators not giving more bandwidth?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I couldn't sleep in the car

Me and Tipu bro in the office car

Every morning we went to office by office car and it was a one hour long journey. I always wanted to utilize this time by sleeping in the car but never couldn't.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Just now all of our four sisters are together now

This is an old pic, from Shekha, Sonia, Ahsan bro (Sonia's husband), at top Tameem (Sharmin's son), Ashique (Shekha's husband), Faisal (my husband) me. Diya didn't born at that time.

You know after marry all sisters has to go to their in law family. Then it became very rare to have all of them at same place specially at father's house. Last time we all get together at my son's birthday. Today again we are all under the same roof with out any occasion. I am feeling great!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My pohela boishakh

Me with other colleagues at pohela boishakh

Pohela boishakh means the first day of Bangla calender or bangla new year. Every one enjoys this day. In this day Dhaka city became so crowded that cars can't be ride on the road.

I had brought a special sharee for pohela boiskha from "Mydas" at Uttora. I never seen more beautiful pohela boiskhakhi sharee than this one. I use to wear this in every year at pohela boishak. We Bangladeshi  have a tradition that in pohela boishakh we wear white and red color sharee. Men wear panjabi, basically white color. Now a day children also wears white and red color dresses. To enjoy this festival before pohela boishakh every boutique store opens new design of red and white dress.

Befor buying this sharee my mom gift me a simple red and white sharee and before that I use to use maroon sharee of my mom which is near red. In the above picture you can see that.

When I was in the university once in a pohela boishak me, Ratna and Ruhina went to Ruhina's house to celebrate. In the road we see all are going to the Ranma area by wearing red and white dress and to eat Hilsha fish and water rice. Anyway we enjoyed a lot on that day at Ruhina or shumi's house.

After joinig office our marketing head took us to Ramna and Dhaka University area to show our Indian trainers how we enjoy pohela boishakh. That was another great day.

After marry, me and my husband give a treat to my younger sis and elder sis's son in a Chinese restaurant named "Vooter Adda" means "ghost together". We enjoyed that day also. I didn't know on that time my son was with me ;)