Thursday, March 31, 2011

I needed work for money, but don't have time to complete

Shafeen working

I am working hard. Day and night, I don't take a single minute rest but keep working. I am working at home. That’s why I thought maybe I can do home base work, because I need money too. I tried and get some work. But now, facing vary much difficulty on it. I couldn't make time to do all those work. I don't know how I will manage all. May be I have to forget about sleep.

Monday, March 28, 2011

My first picture

Me at 7 months old
Now a day, parents start taking picture of their child when they stay at their mother's womb. In our time, parent didn't have that option. They had to go to any photo studio to take any picture. My mom always likes to take her children's pictures. This is my first picture after my born. When I was 7 months old. This picture had been taken in a photo studio. Mom said I always loved to smile. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Silent expectation


No body wants to get hurts. So you may stop expecting anything from anyone. But, for how long you can stay like this? Like in your birthday or your marriage day, you expect that your loving one will give you some surprise, when you don't get any, it hurts. 

I don't expect anything from anyone any more. I had hurt enough. But, you know, in my mind, silently my heart expects a lot from people. I realize that when I don't get it and my heart hurts. Then again I try to make realize by myself that I shouldn't expect anything from anyone. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wonderful university life at Shamsunnahar hall

Me at Shamsunnahar Hall

Which part of your student life is the best part? Most of you will say school life. I will say University life. Especially 3rd year in Bachelor. That time Ratna got a personal private room. That means we all three got a personal room and we enjoyed a lot over there. We three friends became very good friends on that time. We always said that we are tied with each other by an invisible rope. If one goes anywhere, other two must follow her. I and Shumi had home at Dhaka, so we didn't get any room at Hall. But Ratna came from Maymansing District. So she got a room. Over there we cook, eat, gossip, planned and many other things. Most we took rest in that room between two classes. In this picture I sit on balcony of the room, my favorite place to sit. From here first we could see the garden then the road. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Bad experience with Google Adsence

Shafeen watching and Tameem working with PC

I was using Google ad in my blog for several years. Well my blog's traffic isn't very good. But thinks were going fine. I have another blog at in Bangla language, where I gave this blog's post URL to give a reference on a post. That time this blog's traffic rises rapidly. Then what happen? Google canceled their Adsence work with me and return some money which I earned earlier. Now what can I do. I didn't do any mistake or break any law. But Google give me punishment.

Bus journey by Volvo double decker

Me at Volvo double decar

When my office were in Uttora I had to use bus for my journey. I wasn't comfort with bus. I started vomiting in it. So first I started with AC bus mostly Nirapod and then Premium. Then BRTC. I liked Volvo double decker for my daily journey. I always sit on 1st floor. So I could get enough air for refreshing. This bus also moved like boat  while running. I liked that. I wish some day I will take my son (2 years old) out with double decker, he never ride double decker.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Whatever it is, it's not love

Shafeen with his spider man

When you travel for your life, you feel bore, disturbed, time consuming; but if it were your lover you won’t feel that. And you really care about your wife. So, whatever relation you two have, it's not love.

When you have to choose anything for you, you choose the better one for you then the rest is for your wife. May be its natural life, but it's not love.

In marriage life people do everything for their family not always for love, but for duty, social life or whatever.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Me and nanijaan

Faisal's grand mother (maternal) and me

Before marriage I went to Faisal's house to meet with his nanijaan (Faisal's grand ma maternal). She was there for her medical checkup. She was very happy to meet with me. We had a very good time. We took picture together and I also print a hard copy of it and send her. She is the only person with whom I felt comfort in my in law family.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My big mistake that I sit to watch movie at Bangladeshi TV channel

Shafeen in front of TV

It's my big mistake that I sit to watch movie at Bangladeshi TV channel. At women's day Desh TV showed the movie "Provoked". You know how interesting this movie is. I knew Bangladeshi TV channels shows lots of TV ad so it's really difficult to watch any movie over there. But I liked to see this movie so start watching it. At noon they stopped the movie for their news, and then they said they will now show news from BTV. But start showing TV ad. After that BTV news starts. When this finished they start showing ad again. After 15 minutes they start showing the movie again and within 5 minutes again they started ad for half an hour. Then 10 minutes’ movie and 30 minutes ad. May be at 4pm again they said they will show news but start showing ad, then news then again ad. And then finally small part of the movie. It's really very difficult to remember what actually you sit to watch. 

This is not only once happen or only this TV channel doing. Every single Bangladeshi TV channel do like this every time.