Thursday, March 10, 2011

My big mistake that I sit to watch movie at Bangladeshi TV channel

Shafeen in front of TV

It's my big mistake that I sit to watch movie at Bangladeshi TV channel. At women's day Desh TV showed the movie "Provoked". You know how interesting this movie is. I knew Bangladeshi TV channels shows lots of TV ad so it's really difficult to watch any movie over there. But I liked to see this movie so start watching it. At noon they stopped the movie for their news, and then they said they will now show news from BTV. But start showing TV ad. After that BTV news starts. When this finished they start showing ad again. After 15 minutes they start showing the movie again and within 5 minutes again they started ad for half an hour. Then 10 minutes’ movie and 30 minutes ad. May be at 4pm again they said they will show news but start showing ad, then news then again ad. And then finally small part of the movie. It's really very difficult to remember what actually you sit to watch. 

This is not only once happen or only this TV channel doing. Every single Bangladeshi TV channel do like this every time.

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