Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wonderful university life at Shamsunnahar hall

Me at Shamsunnahar Hall

Which part of your student life is the best part? Most of you will say school life. I will say University life. Especially 3rd year in Bachelor. That time Ratna got a personal private room. That means we all three got a personal room and we enjoyed a lot over there. We three friends became very good friends on that time. We always said that we are tied with each other by an invisible rope. If one goes anywhere, other two must follow her. I and Shumi had home at Dhaka, so we didn't get any room at Hall. But Ratna came from Maymansing District. So she got a room. Over there we cook, eat, gossip, planned and many other things. Most we took rest in that room between two classes. In this picture I sit on balcony of the room, my favorite place to sit. From here first we could see the garden then the road. 
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