Thursday, April 28, 2011

Two sample design for One is from Microsoft design template. Which was selected.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You should share all with your husband

When a girl get married, her parent especially her mom always try to give her daughter good advice which may need her in her new family (or I can say her husband's family, including husband's mom, dad, bro, sis etc). Many mother says to her daughter that "never tell every problem to your husband, that my cause problem in the family". That's true, it may coz problem to the husband's family but if you don't tell, it will coz problem to you only.

When your husband goes to office, other family member may look at you differently. In many ways they might create problem to your life. In most cases it effects mentally. When your husband comes back to home they start saying bad things about you to him. Before he sees your face, his ear is full of your bad impression. This might cause problem to your personal relation too. May be he will start lossing attraction to you. Because you didn't tell him what actually happen to keep peace to your husband's family. From your end he didn't hear 
anything, so he believed to their family member as they make you the culprit. 

My advice to you will be keep explaining everything to him, if possible show him some prove. Then let him decide. May be he won't believe you every time, but this will help you to reduce wrong impression always. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Once upon a time I made this design for Well my boss didn’t like it (I guess). On that time I use to design web pages too with programming. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Start using Bangla Lion Wimax

Shafeen working with PC

My husband brought me new internet connection, Bangla Lion Wimax. The modem cost Tk 1000 (well it was TK 999 but shop keeper didn’t returned TK 1) and monthly line rent TK 300 with some limited bandwidth. I don’t download much.  Only do browsing. So I hope this will be enough for me. Previously I had used Grameen Phone internet connection. Where I had to buy internet sim by TK 1900 and had to pay monthly line rent TK 1000. Speed was ok, but couldn’t browse at afternoon or after sunset. Speed was too slow on that time. Bangla Lion Wimax has better speed in less cost. Let’s see how this make cost effective. I just started to use this new connection.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

10 days course schedule to learn html (web)

Tameem and Shafeen

Sometimes people come to you to learn basic html course or you can say a sort course. Like 10 days course. If you give time 5 days a week for 2 hours then what will be your course schedule? Here it is:

1.       First 2 days cover the basics of like font color, font face, bg color, img, link. Those lot in the first 2 days

2.       Then layout design in the 3rd day

3.       in the 4th day get them to create a basic web-site from what you have taught them

4.        5th day graphics

5.        6th day tables.  Get them to learn about tables that will take a whole 2 hours

7.        7th day, introduce CSS

8.       8th day learn CSS

9.       9th & 10th day should cover everything you taught them in the last 8 days

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Let her die

What is the position of a bride in our country (Bangladesh)? She has to forget about her parents house (for caring), but if she or her husband’s family need something she must bring it from her parent. Her husband’s family will never give her money or time for her recreation or hobby and will never be happy to see her go to her parent’s house or to see that she meet with them. Now what will happen if she falls is sick. Husband’s family won’t spend single money for her treatment. If anybody says anything for her they will say if she dies let her die. We don’t care. So, her parent has to take action for her. If she don’t have parent, then she is in trouble. Believe it or not this is the most common scenario of Bangladeshi bride.

Friday, April 8, 2011

1st spring at somewherein...

Jana, Deborah and I at somewherein... old office place at 1st spring day

In every new office, every occasion, starts as a first occasion of that office. Like we celebrate first spring day at somewherein… (an IT company) for the first time. Jana (one of the co-owner), Deborah and I wear orange color sharee to celebrate the day. I brought this sharee many times ago from Gausia Market (most crowded market) to celebrate the day. I don’t understand share and their price, but I bargain and brought it. On those days I always brought sharee for every occasion. Like Bangla New Year, 1st spring day, International Mother Language Day etc.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bangladeshi, especially Dhaka inhabitants increase their patient rapidly.

Shafeen trying to make traffic problem as he saw on road.

I remember when I was a child, in road, if anyone had to wait for 1 minute for any reason, they start shouting. In some cases they came out from their vehicle, start beating the person for whom this late occurred and in most cases they start shouting bad words to other people. On those days, I thought Bangladeshi will never grow their patient.
But I was wrong. Now a day, people had to stay on road or in a same place in road for hours and they don’t say a word. Just stay on their vehicle and wait when they will start again. Not only for one day. For every day and every time they go out. But nobody say a single word. I guess if this happened in other country, the people must demand for a better road system first, then other issue.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Man made pond in the Sundarban, Bangladesh (largest mangrove forest)

Pond at Sundarban

In Sundarban we found a man made pond, which is created by the government to rescue dears. We have seen many dears beside this pond, over the fields. They come here to drink water. I tried to take picture of them, but they raise their head to see us from the grass (these are tall grasses), then before I set my camera they disappear. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New color trends for 1st Boishak (Bangla New Year)

Shafeen  celebrating his first pohela boishak

To buy a new dress for my son, we went to Bashundhara City Shopping Complex (biggest market in South Asia), Bangladesh to celebrate pohela Boishakh (1st day of Bangla New Year). At level 7, there is a separate block for Bangladeshi boutique houses with Bangladeshi dresses. That area named “Deshi Dosh”. Generally, in pohela Boshakh, we all wear dresses based on red and white color combination. That’s the traditional color for this ceremony. But this year when I went to Deshi Dosh searching red and white based dress for my son, I found very few. I searched all ten shops but same results were everywhere. I really surprised. Were these shops don’t want to bring collection for pohela Boishak? It’s at 14th April. Is this possible? Then I realize, actually they introduced dressed for pohela Boishak but not in red and white color combination. They use different color. I don’t think this will be a good idea. What they might feel that red and white combination became boring, so people might try something different. But this celebration comes only once in a year and people love to were red and white combination in this special day. If you see Chinese New Year, they use red color everywhere. It’s not boring, it’s the tradition.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Boat at Shundarban

Boat inside the sand at Sundarban, Bangladesh

When we were traveling in Sundarban, Bangladesh (world's biggest mangrove forest) at the beach we found a boat, which was sink in the sand during cyclone. We had heard after cyclone many people's dead body was lying on the beach and there is no one to take care of those bodies. People of that area were very disappointed for this reason. They were accusing government for that reason.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cooking in pressure cooker

Shafeen eating

I like pressure cooker. It really cut your cooking time. I have got one in my marriage gift. Now I always try to cook in it as much as possible. This not only helps to reduce cooking time, also make everything (meat, vegetables) soft easily. You won’t face trouble with under cook food. But there is a problem. I don't know why, I still can't manage rice in it. Today I made rice in pressure cooker, because my pot, where I use to cook rise where engaged with other food. When I first check, rice was under cook, the next time it became over cook. Now what could I do? Let’s eat it.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Fishing at Sundarban

Shundarban fisherman

In Sundarban, Bangladesh (the largest mangrove forest on the earth) there are some canals where fishing is restricted. But poor fishermen can't listen that. They have to survive. They don't understand if they go like that one day they will be the sufferer. Anyway, who will make them understand?

When we visited Sundarban some fishermen offered fish as you can see on the picture. But our guide strictly said, you shouldn't fishing over here, so we won’t buy. Though, some of us (journalists from Rajshahi) wanted to buy some fish. I really like this guide. Her name is Alijabeth (Switzerland), she is the daughter in law of the owner of Guide Tours company